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More Vacation pictures

on May 8, 2013

Sorry about the delay in posting more pictures!  If you read my Blogging Through the Alphabet post you’ve already seen some pictures and read about our vacation to Tennessee.  I was thankful it was in the ‘off season’ and we got some questions about why the children weren’t at school – so that was fun.  Once we arrived and checked in to the hotel and had some time to figure out what we wanted to do – we decided to take in the Prehistoric boat ride.


A bit touristy but we had the whole ride to ourselves so it was well worth the cost to do it.  There were even some surprises through out that made the children jump.


Christian and Hannah up front in the boat before we enter the ride.

One of the dinosaurs that actually feel like it’s going to come down into the boat.

Bethanne sitting next to Don and I before we enter.

Another dinosaur picture.


After the ride, it was getting late and we were all tired from driving all day so we went back to the hotel room to get some shut eye – we had dinner before at one of the two IHOP’s in Pigeon Forge – and get ready for an early morning!  Next up I’ll tell you about our adventures aboard the Titanic.



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