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Random Five on Friday – May 10, 2013

on May 10, 2013

When I can’t think of something to write I’m so glad to have a blog like The Pebble Pond  who host a weekly blog meme to get the creative juices flowing.


1.  It seems my children are fighting more than usual and being generally disagreeable.  It’s driving me bonkers – I’ve been reading The Christian Parenting Handbook but it seems all I’ve been doing is yelling this week.  Advice?


2.  We are going to the zoo tomorrow with my mom, well maybe – if #1 keeps continuing I may just cancel it – how’s that for Mother’s Day?


3.  Contrary to what you may think about #1 and #2 I really do love my children and enjoy being around them but it seems they go through spurts where they fight constantly.  Some would say it’d be easier to go to work or put them in school, but then I’d just have more training and re-training to do after all the bad they’d get for 8+ hours.


4.  My lilac bush – I know it doesn’t seem big or why it would even warrant mentioning in a blog post BUT, my mother in law bought it for me about 5 years ago for Mother’s Day and it has never bloomed until now!  This year it finally bloomed and I’m so happy!


5.  Morels.  Yep, mushrooms.  As we were looking at my lilacs and tulips we noticed, or better yet my children noticed some odd, never before seen mushrooms growing around the flowers – my  first thought was of my friend so after we began finding more (I think were 10 or 11 plus more that had been destroyed in our lawn mowing) and she said bring them out.  So I picked them and sure enough they were morel mushrooms!  I posted on FB and was surprised by the response – I had no idea what a commodity these things are – so now we’ll be more careful.  BTW my friend enjoyed them with her family.



4 responses to “Random Five on Friday – May 10, 2013

  1. Micki says:

    Sarah-I know what you are feeling. The children (M, A & C) are all getting the Summer time fever. I’ve been trying to convince M & A to school over the Summer but let’s just say we are working on that right now. Tis just a season in life and one day at a time and pick your battles. I think the zoo is exactly what y’all need – make it a fun day of learning and then come back nd regroup. Ask them what is going on and what would they like to see changed to better improve their attitude with you & Don and especially each other. Then tell them you will consider each concern and then collectively work on a solution. Have the children own the suggestions and the solutions. Coming from me its not a perfect solution but a suggestion none the less. Love & miss y’all!

  2. If you figure out how to get beyond the yelling and fighting please share! We’ve been dealing with it too!

  3. Brittney says:

    My kids are going through a “phase” right now too, so I feel your pain. Hopefully it ends soon…for both of us! 🙂

  4. Miranda says:

    I want to read The Christian Parenting Handbook! I have not bought it yet but it looks great.

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