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Mother’s Day 2013

on May 13, 2013

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  A day for mom’s to be celebrated and honored – really, it should be every day – but one day is nice 😀  I must say I’m totally blessed by my three children and husband.  I was looking back in my blog and wanting to link to each of their birth stories, which I know I wrote but cannot find.  Suffice to say – Hannah was born via c-section, Bethanne was my 1VBA1C, and Christian was my 2VBA1C.


My husband gave me a combo pack of DVD’s which had Les Miserables (one of my all time favorite books, yes, I’ve read it in it’s entirety and musicals) and it came with Mama Mia (of which I’ve never seen and Hannah and I decided the reason it was paired with Les Mis was because they share an actress).  The children gave me a Tim Horton’s gift card.  Bethanne made me a card and a bracelet as did Christian.


Front of the card from all three children.


Inside of the card from the children – for some reason Christian signed his name upside down 😀


Front of the card from hubby.


Inside of the card and he signed it with my secret name for him.


I’ll take some pictures of the handmade cards and bracelets and post those in a little bit – but I just have to say it was nice to sit and read for awhile yesterday, even finishing one book and almost finishing another and take a nap.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to church because it seems one child or another is coughing – more than likely allergies or a seasonal cold – but I didn’t want to take chances since there are quite a bit of elderly who attend our church.





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