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Crew Review: Spanish for You! Estaciones (Seasons)

on May 14, 2013

When we first started homeschooling, about 6 years ago, neither my oldest or I wanted to teach or learn Spanish – for various reasons.  Now, all three of my children like to learn it and it’s fun to teach it (and learn along) especially with a unit study concept of Spanish from Spanish for You! using the unit study concept makes the teaching easy and the learning fun – for all involved.  I was given Estaciones (Seasons) themed unit for my children and there is also Fiestas and soon there will be Viajas (travels).

This Spanish curriculum is for grades 3 through 8 but could be used for a younger child, if they already have some Spanish knowledge they could probably jump in at the grade 3 level.  I didn’t do this with my 6 year old though focusing mainly on my 11 year old and 8 year old daughters – working at the 4th and 6th grade levels.  One of the reasons this fit so perfectly with our family was that it can be used independently, so while I could chose to teach a lesson my daughter’s were able to look at what they needed to do on a given day and complete it without me needing to be with them at the time.

You’re probably wondering what do you get in your package – you’ll get enough material that covers 24 weeks for grades 5 to 8 and 27 weeks for grades 3 and 4, enough to cover an entire school year, if you school on a regular school schedule.  You’ll receive the:

  • Spanish for You! book in hard copy (this contains games, lessons, and how to use the curriculum)
  • audio downloads so that if you’d like you can listen to the whole book
  • lesson guides for the grades you select (3-4, 5-6, 7-8, or all if chosen) in PDF format
  • self checking worksheets for the above grades in PDF format
  • flash card pictures (can be used for more than just flash cards)
  • a native speaker recording the entire book audio.

If you’d like all the grades, great for families with multiple aged children and grades it will be $64.95 or you can select to purchase at grade level for $39.95, extra books are $12.95.  What I enjoyed about this is it is set up for four days a week, no tweaking needed from me to make it work for a four day a week schedule.  I loaded the lesson guides I needed onto my Fire so I could view what each girl needed – looking back I should have loaded Hannah’s lesson guide onto her Fire as well.  The girls shared the book using their own lesson guide, by accessing my Kindle and seeing what they needed to complete for each day.

As an example Week One Day 1 had Bethanne (4th grade) practice asking and answering a question in Spanish, reading page 1 with audio, do learning your new vocabulary on page 1 in book, make flashcards and play the optional games.  My children enjoyed the games – however they often played them among themselves as I saw them as optional (as listed) but they enjoy the repetition.  When the worksheets need to be completed it is noted on the day that it needs to be done.  Since the worksheets are self checking it meant I had time to look over other work that my three had completed during the day.

The author does stress that the lessons need to be done in order, as they each build on the other however, you can tweak it as needed – if you’d like to stretch each day into two, allowing for more time for the games – do so.  That means each week will be made into two, and this may be what a younger child or one who isn’t quite confident in learning a new language needs.  If you do school five days a week simply use Friday as a time to do games not done during the week and review their vocabulary flashcards and practice their sentences and answering.  We are continuing to enjoy our Spanish for You! Estaciones curriculum, and it’s affordable for any family size.  You can view some sample pages of Estaciones (click on the picture of the book to open the sample) or check out the free mini lessons and free worksheets available at Spanish for You!



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