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Blogging Through the Alphabet: G, H, I and J (yes, I’m behind)

on May 21, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet


I knew it was bound to happen – getting behind with my Blogging Through the Alphabet over at Ben and Me, but life happens so I’m catching up.


G is for Grief:


A lot has happened in these last few months – the school shooting before Christmas 2012, the tornado that hit Moore, OK – not to mention deaths of loved ones (not me, but several personal and online friends), deaths of babies.


Grief.  It surrounds us.  In can engulf us.  It can break us.  It can make us stronger.  It shows us who we can lean on.


My heart aches for the parents who will never see their child again, never kiss another boo-boo, never get that sticky kiss or that sweaty hug – never hear a tantrum again.  It doesn’t have to be something personal – you may not know that person but it’s grief, thankfully today Marcy at Ben and Me has posted several Scripture we can lean on in these times and rather than re-post them all, go check out Marcy’s blog.


Grief, it rips your heart out, it makes you hit your knees but…….


H is for healing:


With grief comes healing – it may not seem like it now – but healing is on the heels of grief.


Healing brings life.  Restoration.  Hope.  Joy.  Freedom.


What grief seeks to tear from us, healing brings – you’ll never forget that child, that loved one, the house that was destroyed – but healing allows you to move on and rejoice at that life however short or long it was.  Healing allows you to remember that face without tears, or maybe tears of joy.  Healing allows you to re-build a house, one that maybe was even better than the last.


Healing doesn’t happen on our own though – in order to heal – without the scars of bitterness, hate and worry, we must – we HAVE too rely on the Lord – the Ultimate Healer.  If Jesus can bring back Lazarus from the dead, He too can heal our hearts and be a balm to our wounds when we realize we can no longer go it alone.


You can’t go it alone unless you’re……


I is for Ingrained


The definition of the online Merriam-Webster is:


1.  Worked into the grain or fiber

2.  forming a part of the essence or innermost being

Follow me here – it’ll make sense.  I promise.

There are things – that are ingrained into us – like my love for my children, my husband, reading, these are ingrained in me.  They are an innate piece of me – no one will take the love of my children or husband, no one can take the enjoyment I get from reading (unless books stop being made).  Following along the lines of grief and healing we need to become ingrained with the Holy Word – Scriptures.

Only by making Scriptures a part of us, can they become ingrained, hardwired, if you will into our hearts, minds and bodies!  If God’s Holy Words are ingrained in us we don’t need a physical Bible to get us through the hard times, we can call upon Scripture in the car while driving, in line at the grocery, wherever and let His Words wrap us in comfort that only the Lord and His Word can do and that brings me to……

J is for Joy:

Please don’t think me insensitive – but after grief and healing and if we’ve become ingrained with Scriptures we can find joy.

Read Job.  Yep, even the man who lost EVERYTHING was able to find joy in the end.

Joy is what we get when we realize, as Christians, we can see our loved one again if they’ve grabbed at that saving faith.  Joy is knowing that we can continue to live and be loved and enjoy life – even if we’ve lost everything.  There are many verses in the Bible that speaks of joy.

I think John 16:20 says it best though:

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, that ye shall weep and lament, but the world will rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful but your sorrow shall be turned into joy.”

There are some that will not sympathize with the grief (I had many who didn’t understand my husband’s and I’s grief at losing our 1st baby to a miscarriage) but we healed, and with that sorrow came joy when I held our 2nd baby almost a year to the day after I had the miscarriage.

I’m not saying one ever forgets – I never forget that baby – the baby was only 7 1/2 weeks along, we don’t know if it was a boy or a girl – but I do know that for whatever reason the Lord needed my baby and as a result He turned my cold heart from pro-abortion/choice to a pro-life mentality (not just for babies but for all life – the elderly, the ill, those on death row, pro-life doesn’t stop at the womb).  He gave me my Hannah who astonishes me everyday, then Bethanne and then Christian – He gave me joy, that only He can give.

Did I understand joy then?  No.  Could I even think about joy when I was grieving?  No.  But the Lord knew, even when I didn’t recognize Him as Lord – He gave me comfort.  He gave me joy – and one day – not today, not tomorrow and maybe not a year from now – you who are grieving will have joy again and will have it more abundantly.


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