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Bring It On Communications: Not What I Designed by Becky Dietrich (review)

on June 7, 2013

About the Book:

As the U-Haul truck pulled out, Becky took one last look at her beloved Seattle home. Foreclosure. Bankruptcy.

This sixty-year-old interior designer, a pastor’s wife, felt embarrassed, perplexed, and angry. Livid at God.

This was not what she had designed.

Becky, a lifelong Christian, responded to the dissolution of her financial security—needs unmet, prayers unanswered—by turning her back on God. But hers is the inspirational story of how God, the master designer, performed an extreme makeover, renovating the blackness of her heart, revealing the idols that had displaced Him, and building something new and eternally beautiful.

In an era of increasing economic instability, Becky’s story is timely and relevant. She addresses the question we all face at some point: When the world we’ve designed for ourselves collapses and He is all we have left, is God enough?

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My Opinion:


I have to say that this was definitely a break from my streak of fiction books lately, and I appreciated it so much.  Becky Dietrich takes us on a ride through her life, her memories of growing up in a Christian home, her time in Japan, getting married and up to today.  I’ve never seen the role as Pastor or a Pastor’s wife as being one of simplicity, it’s a job I’d never want to take on, they are under appreciated most of the time.  Hearing her story through her own words really had me looking at my own life and how I respond to trials and such that creep up on me.


She is very honest in her questioning of God while in high school and she searched and searched and listened to a man by the name of Francis Schaeffer who was the urge she needed to realize that God is real and that He does indeed care.  There was one section that I liked and can’t find it now (should have bookmarked it) where she talks about her dad and what he had to say about judging.  There were times I felt my shaking my head in agreement, because I’ve been there – wondering is God really there? or because I’ve had to rid myself of idols in my life too.  This isn’t just the story of Becky Dietrich but of every Christian who has struggled, who has questions and who just needs to know that God is real and that He does care.


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