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Cade’s Cove

on June 7, 2013

While I enjoyed a lot of the stuff we did on vacation I think I have to say I so enjoyed our drive through Cade’s Cove.  It’s a beautiful drive, but unfortunately we didn’t get to go the entire 11 miles because there was a torrential downpour, which didn’t allow me to see all the historic buildings either.  Here are some pictures of our drive through Cade’s Cove.


View of the Smoky Mountains on the drive to Cade’s Cove. How can one not believe in the Creator?


The Baptist Church – it was the closest one to the road that didn’t require a long hike. Had a cemetery which led the two youngest to ask me why some of the head stones had angels on them (babies who died in infancy). This was the outside back of the church.


Inside of the of the Baptist church. It was simple, old and just beautiful. I could picture the ladies in their hats and finery and the men in their suits and suspenders.


More breath taking nature beauty – the only thing we missed was the black bear sighting.


Hubby was nice enough to stop at one more house on the way out and between the break in the rain. My two youngest went up with me to go inside.


Stairs going up to the loft area of the house above. (I hope it’s correct orientation, I flipped it). Son wanted to climb them but even as big of a history buff as I am I couldn’t bring myself to agree especially with no light – it was quite dark.


Another homestead on the way out of the park.


I really, really want to go back when there is time to hike the trails and see the grist mill, the other homesteads and the other churches that aren’t located along the road.  The area was so beautiful, I loved the wild turkeys we saw and of course the history.








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