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CWA Review: On A Quest for Christ: Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey by Lisa Are Wulf

on June 14, 2013

On a Quest for Christ by Lisa Are Wulf About the Book:

ISBN: 978-1938042003

List Price: $9.99

Format: Softcover

Page Count: 144

Understanding your personal journey opens a door to new spiritual growth. “On a Quest for Christ,” a 30-day devotional, will help you trace your steps from the first whispers of faith to resting in God’s arms. Gentle questions guide the telling of your story while prayers and comforting scripture enrich your reflections. The “Christ Quest Time Map” helps you see the path ahead as you look back on your journey. Experience healing and hope as you deepen your spiritual self-awareness and find Christ at critical points in your life.
Lisa Are Wulf is a fresh voice with a pure and transparent heart. “On a Quest for Christ” invites you into her own journey with personal vignettes to guide you in tracing your spiritual path. Let her lead you to places along the way where Christ was at work in your life. As she says, “Your spiritual story is significant. Who you are makes a difference. The impact of your life is incalculable.”


Lisa Are Wulf About the Author:

As a ministry leader and Fuller Seminary graduate, Lisa Aré Wulf has a gift for creative communication that touches hearts and transforms lives.

A mid-life convert to Christ, Lisa’s articles have appeared in dozens of Christian publications. She has spoken to women’s groups and churches across the country.

Before entering the ministry, Lisa served eight years on the Colorado Springs City Council. She is also a retired CPA, a former radio talk show host, an accounting professor, and was a violinist.

She and her husband, Calvin, have four children and are happy empty-nesters. They currently reside in Colorado.


Visit Lisa at her website and on Facebook.


My Opinion:


Usually when I request a book like this I do so cautiously because sometimes they just aren’t Biblically sound but this book was quite sound.  While it is good for mature Christians it is really a good starting place for those who are seeking or are baby Christians and need a place to start in seeing what they believe.  There are 30 chapters as well as an Opening Thoughts and Closing Thoughts – however don’t let the number of chapters scare you, as it’s supposed to be a 30 day devotional to walk you through your spiritual journey as a Christian.  Each chapter takes less than 5 minutes to read, and includes a bit of background information on Lisa, which I really appreciated and made the devotional a bit more indentifiable.


After the chapter is read you’ll work on “Your Story” where Lisa asks you some questions and lets you answer them, such as, “In what ways did you question the Christian faith?”, “Describe a pivotal turning point in your life”, and more so that you can explore your past, present and even future as you chose to walk with the Lord.  As I said I did find it Biblically sound however, I do disagree with the author on two points – the first being found on page 20, “God is patient.  He will wait as long as it takes for us to turn and run back into his loving arms.”  there are many instances in the Bible when people had the chance to turn to God, repent and live their lives for Him however God also hardens their hearts because He just can’t get through to them.


The second disagreement was Chapter 6 which was on Judging, which seems to be a biggie right now in Christian circles – we shouldn’t judge or we should judge.  Judging doesn’t mean we’re putting the person down – of course there is that kind of judging as well and the Christian needs to be very careful about not crossing that line.  However, God calls certain behaviors wrong, stealing, murder, adultery, lying, etc – so God has already judged that behavior and we too must do the same.  Judging someone’s hem length or hair style is wrong but judging that lying is bad and a sin isn’t – we must love the person, even Jesus loved His enemies but He didn’t molly coddle their sinful natures.  If I misunderstood Lisa’s meaning this chapter I sincerely apologize.


Overall, I will be walking myself back through this devotional and go through each chapter answering the questions and giving thought to the Scripture references and praying the scripted prayers and creating my own (there are spaces for this, too).  While I disagreed with those two points I found the rest of the book being a wealth of help and great for all Christians no matter where you are on the walk and whether or not you come from a Christian background.  If you’d like to trace your journey as a Christian and are busy (like me) grab Lisa’s book and start your tracking.


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