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Crew Review: Memoria Press; Geography I #hsreviews

on June 15, 2013

When I started homeschooling, I started strong – my oldest did a whole year of geography on nothing but the United States on top of the history and geography in her other book – but as I added in more children I tapered off a lot of subjects and geography was one of those areas.  Thankfully, I received Memoria PressGeography I which includes the following books:

  1. Geography I text
  2. Geography I workbook
  3. Geography I teacher’s guide
  4. United States Review student
  5. United States Review key, quizzes and tests

Memoria Press was founded in 1994 by Cheryl Lowe and has been providing homeschoolers the ability to Classically educate their children at home.  If you’d like to learn more about Memoria Press as well as Classical Christian education there are some videos on their about page.  The Geography I covers the Middle East, North Africa and Europe and combining both the past and today’s history to make for one effective and engaging geography study.

Memoria Press' Geography I set

The book is divided into eight sections with three reviews – review of Europe part I, review of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe and then a final review of Europe.  The student text has all the reading material, I chose to read aloud to all three of my children ages 6, 8 and 11 years old, which includes the information they’ll need to fill in the answers in the workbook.  At the back are full color pages depicting the flags of the countries studied and the book also tells students what the colors and meaning are behind the flag if there is one.

Since we school 4 days a week I tried to get through 2 to 3 countries a week and allowing for catch up or review on day 4.  I’d read the information about the countries and allow the children to answer the questions such as: country, capital, ancient name, and fun facts all three helped with the mapping as we only had one student workbook.  I had the other record their answers on a separate sheet of paper while my youngest, listened and answered when he could orally.  The teacher key gives you the answers to the worksheets and reviews.  There really is no set scheduling routine for this so it allows families to go as slow or as fast as they’d like or need to – which worked well for our family.

The United States is a basic review of what students learned if they used Memoria Press’ States and Capitals set.  Since only my oldest has had U.S. geography at this point I used these books for her to review the United States – and the book is broken up into regions so it makes review and learning easier to retain before putting it all together in the big picture.  The whole Geography I set sells for $48.00 and you can buy extra workbooks separately for $11.95 or $5.00 for the United States workbook, if you need them for other children.  My children and I enjoyed our study of geography using the Geography I set and best of all it fit really well with our current history curricula so it streamlined great.  The set is geared for 4th through the 6th grade children but could be tweaked, like I did for younger children if you’d like to have multiple children in different grades do it together.   If you’d like to see what other parents had to say hop over to visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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