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5 on Friday, on Saturday again.

on June 22, 2013

Well it’s time again to write up my random 5 things from this week – it’s not easy!  Visit The Pebble Pond and read her random 5, join in or visit the other blogs who are participating.


1.  I’ve decided to try to give the Trim Healthy Mama another good go.  With help of my 8 year old who had to plan 3 meals for each meal as part of her AHG badge she’s working on this summer, she and I planned our menu this week using THM recipes.  I made some really delicious cheese and chicken quesadillas on low carb tortillas (not the plan ones but I found a brand called Ole).



2.  After getting our Picaboo yearbook for the 2012-2013 ‘school’ year I’ve decided I’m going to start making one for our 13-14 ‘school’ year, adding to it through the year so I don’t have to hunt for pictures.  I’ll be writing a review soon on the process of making and ordering a yearbook – it was fun.


3.  I went through my books yesterday and just when I thought I was caught up, see my last week’s random 5 post, lets say I found a lot more that I need to read and I need about a week to do nothing but read.  My Goodreads challenge is to read 200 books this year I’m at 75 and I think I may make it given how much I need to read.


4.  My new copy of Les Mis came, it’s a beautiful paperback copy but much sturdier than my original copy that I read in middle school and it has words from the story embossed on both the front and back.  My goal is to read at least the first half again this year and finish it next year.  I also bought the child’s version for my daughter.  Along with these came Phantom of the Opera and Oliver Twist and the child’s versions of both as well.


5.  It’s hot here. and humid.  Summer began officially yesterday and it came in like a lion – roaring with heat and humidity.  Even with weight loss I still find it hard to tolerate it which makes doing things outside in the summer with the children very hard 😦 we don’t have a/c in our van so traveling isn’t usually possible either.  This is one reason why we chose to school year round, then we can get out and enjoy the fall and winter which is when I really become active.




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  1. Miranda says:

    I have heard some much about the Picaboo yearbook! I did not review it but I may have to check it out!

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