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Bethany House Review: The Guardian (Book 3 in Home to Hickory Hollow) by Beverly Lewis

on June 26, 2013

The Guardian by Beverly Lewis book 3 in Home to Hickory Hollow

About the Book:

Come home to Hickory Hollow, Pennsylvania–the beloved setting where Beverly Lewis’s celebrated Amish novels began–with new characters and new stories of drama, romance, and the ties that draw people together.

When Jodi Winfield comes to Lancaster to house-sit, the last thing she expects to find is a disheveled little girl alone on the side of the road. The young teacher is mystified when she learns there have been no reports of a missing child, and the girl herself is no help, since she can’t speak English. It’s as if the child appeared out of nowhere.

Then Jodi turns her attention to Hickory Hollow–and the cloistered world of the Old Order Amish–in search of answers.

You can buy the book at Bethany House or on Amazon, The Guardian (Home to Hickory Hollow, Book 3) in both print and e-book versions.

My Opinion:

I love Beverly Lewis, she is one author who I hope to meet one day in real life and her books helped to really spur me to come back to the Father and re-dedicate my life to Him so when the third book in the Home to Hickory Hollow series was available to review I knew I had to read this one too.  I’ve read The Fiddler and The Bridesmaid, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed so I was happy to return and meet some new characters and ‘see’ some old ones.  The difference with The Guardian, I think was it seemed to have more substance to the characters – it took me a bit longer to finish this one than the other two.

My heart broke for Maryanna as the whole community searched for her missing daughter and then my heart also struggled with Jodi as she tried to decide how she should deal with the little girl she found while out running.  I think to this book resonated with me since my goal is to run in some 5K’s, so I somewhat related to Jodi and how fun to run with a group of Amish runners!  Regardless, like all of Beverly Lewis’ books the characters struggled in their personal and their spiritual life – not everything comes with a pat answer or wrapped in a bow – and ultimately we see that this is sometimes what the Lord uses to draw us near to Him so we can put all our faith in where it belongs.

I won’t tell you how the story ends or what happens to Jodi’s heart or even to Maryanna as both women, living very different lives, come together and eventually find what the Lord has in store for them.  One could easily read this book first without having read the other ones as there wasn’t much overlapping of the stories – but make sure to read the whole series because it’s so nice to come back to Hickory Hollow.

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