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American Heritage Girls – summary

on June 30, 2013

We had our awards ceremony in June, so I’m a little behind but I want to share what a wonderful program American Heritage Girls is.  My daughters and I were so happy when a new troop started that was within a short driving distance of us and I also decided to become a Unit leader, so I work with the Explorer Unit and it’s so much fun.


One of our service projects was to meet at a nursing home and sing Jesus Loves Me to the residents who attend the church service then we walked the halls passing out homemade flowers to the residents.


Bethanne and one of her friends towards the end of our Camporee in May. Bethanne took BB guns and Hannah did archery. They each completed one badge. We all ended up sun burned but had a great time!


Our troop participated in the Memorial Day parade, the girls rode in the trailer while us moms/leaders walked it.

In June, we had our awards/cook out where the girls received their Joining Award (this is a big award, one they must earn before they can earn any other badges).

The joining ceremony symbolized the girls going out into the world and shining Christ’s light to all.

There were fun and games to be played and enjoyed by all. We had nice weather for the cook out.

The girls are working on badges through out the summer, I’ve had each go through their books and pick out one badge from each frontier.  Hannah’s goal is to reach the Explorer’s level award which is called Lewis and Clark, and there is a lot of work that goes into and she only has 1 year to complete it so I’m working on that with her in hopes that come next May/June she’ll have earned her Lewis and Clark award.

I’m so glad that there is a Christian alternative to some of the other groups that are available to girls today.  Not only do they earn badges but they are engaging in character building from a Biblical perspective and also encouraged to do a lot of service hours – my girls are wanting to volunteer time at our local Animal Welfare League.

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