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Blogging Through the Alphabet: P is for Pencil/Pen

on July 1, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet

One thing that drives me absolutely batty as a homeschool mom are pencils and pens.  The one thing we really need, besides books, are writing instruments – and these are the things that are the hardest to keep around.


I buy packs of pencils and pens at the back to school sales, I buy them through out the year but within a day or two, I have to buy more.


Did I mention it drives me batty?



If they don’t disappear they are chewed up and split down the middle so as to render them useless.


I’ve tried giving each child 1 pencil that MUST remain in their assigned drawers and they don’t get another one until that one is used up in normal fashion.


Somehow that 1 pencil goes missing between the drawer and the couch!  So I give them another one.


I nag about chewing on them.  Pens aren’t given any forgiveness as they are lost and chewed on as well.


I’ve taken to hiding my pens so that the children can’t find them but then I forget where I’ve hidden them.


I’d love ideas on how to keep our pens and pencils from being lost, from being chewed on (I’ve already threatened to get each child a chew necklace) and just generally keeping them around.


3 responses to “Blogging Through the Alphabet: P is for Pencil/Pen

  1. Angelita Downing says:

    I wear my hair up most days and I usually have a pen or pencil struck in my bun. My kids look at me weird but then I don’t have to ask them for one. We have the same problem at our house. I look forward to hearing suggestions too.

  2. I wish I had a suggestion. It’s a problem in our house. They don’t chew on them as much, but lost pencils. I am always pulling them out furniture.

  3. Brittney says:

    I can definitely relate. I can sharpen 10 pencils in one day, and the next day I can’t find a single one!

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