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Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost Introduction

on July 3, 2013

As I was looking through some of my friends and fellow bloggers blogs I was seeing this thing called the Ultimate Blog Challenge so I thought I’d check it out.  Usually I have a hard time coming up with something to write, especially if there is a lull in our field trips or activities – although so far in July I’ve written two blog posts, but two of those are reviews.



While most of my readers ‘know’ me, some even in real life – I’ll give those who don’t or are new to my blog a brief introduction of who I am:

I am Sarah, I’ve been married since 1-1-01 (I’ll let you do the math), we have an angel baby, Hannah, Bethanne and Christian.  I’d love more but well the Lord has other plans.  I have just entered my 6th year of home educating my children – we use a variety of curricula and my 8 year old enjoys learning Latin.  We are involved in American Heritage Girls, my daughters do Christian Worship Dance and my son is a yellow white striped belt in martial arts.  We aim to get back into a 4H group next year, since I disbanded our group this year.  I’m a homemaker, and believe me, it doesn’t give me a lot of free time to blog – even though some think I have tons of time on my hands!

I write about my faith (I’m a Christian and I love Jesus!), family, our home school, and of course reviews.  I review what I can, as long as it doesn’t compromise my faith – I’ve got a couple great work out product reviews coming up.  I love to read so reviewing books comes easy to me, you can follow me on Goodreads to see what I’m reading and have read.  I hope you enjoy your visit around my blog – and I appreciate any follows, especially through Networked Blogs or Linky Followers (right side bar).

If you’d like to join in the UBC click on the banner above to find out how, it’s not to late.


2 responses to “Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost Introduction

  1. Welcome! Thank you for letting us get to know you, your values, your family, and your activities. Look forward to reading additional posts.

  2. Lisa Mallis says:

    Loved learning about you, Sarah Jo! As a time strategy visionary, I’m always impressed with people who “get it all done” and still stay true to their values! Bravo to you!!


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