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Crew Review: Classical Conversations; PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons #hsreviews

on July 5, 2013

Classical Conversations

I’ve looked into Classical Conversations but it wasn’t something we could do with three children so my chance to finally try out and see some of their curricula in my hands fascinated me.  One thing that I do have my children learn or aspire to learn is cursive hand writing, this is something that almost all public and even private schools are doing away with in our area – so I chose PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons to use with Hannah, my 11 year old daughter, who has learned how to write cursive but doesn’t use it daily (much to my irritation).  Sentences and Art Lessons are geared towards ages 7 to 12, but that is also dependent on whether they know how to write in cursive or not.

If you’re not sure what Classical Conversations is please visit their About Us page, but the short way is to say that (taken from the Classical Conversation website):

  • It’s a Mission: The purpose of education is to know God and to make Him Known
  • It’s a Model: CC combines classical learning and a Biblical worldview
  • It’s a Method: In CC communities, parents equip parents

PreScripts Cursive Sentences and Art Lessons

I think this is a great way to combine cursive writing and art – taking one subject that some students find tedious and teaming it up with a subject most students find fun.  This covers the time periods of Medieval to Modern world history – so it fit in easily with our current history and geography curriculum.  The pages are divided into 4 different sections with a total of 24 lessons as well as review areas for each section, ensuring that the child has mastered their letters, the historical content and words.

This is designed so that the parent can decide how to have their child complete the work, by doing one page a day – if a page a done is done 4 or 5 days a week this will be enough pages for an entire school year.  There are several teaching ideas in the book under the “note for parents”.  Along with the writing there are also several different drawing techniques introduced such as grid drawing and mapping.  Having a good art eraser, pencils and even colored pencils available would make this a great learning experience.  The book is spiral bound across the top making it easy to flip the pages as well as making it usable by both left and right handed children.

As for us, I opted to have my daughter do 4 pages a week, I’m not big on memorizing dates and other such rote items (unless it’s Scripture) so I wasn’t focusing on that.  I mainly wanted a fun way for my oldest to practice her cursive while enjoying an art form that she already excels at.  I will say I think I was more excited than her, which is one reason why I didn’t take pictures of her or of her work this time.  She found some of the pictures a bit too detailed so we did find some other drawings, which is suggested at times, to complement the passage she was copying.  I think that since this cursive is different from how she learned, it is slanted and does have the loops, made it a bit more of a challenge.  Regardless, I think it provides great practice in cursive, if she ever needs a fancier form of cursive she’ll know it and it did so in a fun manner.

This PreScripts book sell for $12.99 and if you’d like to see some sample pages they can be viewing on the product page and clicking on sample pages.  If you’d like to read what other homeschooling parents thought about this and other Classical Conversation writing products be sure to swing by the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog – there were products for ages 3 all the way to high school.


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    Stopping by from UBC. I hadn’t heard about Classical Conversations – thanks for sharing about it!

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