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Lilla Rose review – Consultant Jennifer

on July 9, 2013

I didn’t use to enjoy girly hair stuffs but in recent years that has changed, when I need to be able to quickly put up my hair (what busy mom hasn’t needed a time for a quick pony tail?) I used to reach for the plastic claw or a scrunchie but now I reach for my Lilla Rose product.  Lilla Rose Independent Consultant Jennifer sent me my choice of a beautiful Flexi.

I did a simple twist and the Flexi slides under my hair and I lock it in place by sliding the bar under the other loop.  It’s so easy to use and there are some styling as well as sizing ideas on the site.  I chose the small Music Lover Flexi which sells for $14.00 and it looks lovely in my hair (if I do say so myself).  There are many sizes and styles to chose from – so watching the sizing video will really help you in getting the correct fit (if you don’t then your Flexi may not work for your hair type).  I’ve got several on my mental wish list like the Rich Multi-Cluster Copper and the Sea Inspired Dolphin.

You may be wondering if these really stay put – yes, they do.  I drive in my van with the windows down since we have no a/c and my Flexi stays in place all day (minus my layers which don’t go that far back).  I can even take a nap and it’s comfy – since there are no claws poking the back of my head and it stays in place.  I’ve even slept all night after forgetting it and did not wake up and my hair looked almost like it did when I fell asleep.  Lilla Rose also offers hair sticks, o-rings, bobby pins and more.  They also offer badge clips for those ladies who have a job or some reason for needing a badge but don’t like the utilitarian style – I’d like to get my mom the Lovely Circle Stone clip as she has numerous badges in her career as an ANP.


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