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Blogging Through the Alphabet: Q is for Quietude

on July 10, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet


According to my Merriam-Webster Children’s Dictionary quietude means the state of being quiet.


If you’re a mom you can probably relate – the children are up at 7a.m. and ready to go but you, want to stay in bed.  With homeschooling I can easily sleep in until 9a.m. and I feel refreshed that way.


I’m not saying that I need or want to get away from my children – but there are times I crave quiet and the state of being quiet – that is a rare thing when there are more than 1 child in the house.  When I had only my oldest, she was great at occupying herself and being quiet – as a mom of three, quiet is hard to come by.


I keep the T.V. turned off during the day when hubby isn’t home.  I can’t focus when the T.V. is blaring.


Being quiet can allow us to re-focus on things going on in our lives.


Enjoy a good book.


Get a needed nap.


Spend some time with the Lord in Bible reading, praying and worship.


Or just being quiet.  Sometimes it does our brains good to sit and relax and just be quiet.


I think most of us don’t get enough quiet time – and really today, quietude doesn’t even have to mean the absence of noise because there is other noise that makes no sound – like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.  These are just as ‘noisy’ as the T.V. can be even though they elicit no sound.


To me, Facebook and Twitter, etc can cause a lot of mental sounds – anger, frustration, sadness, a sense of overwhelming…….


Quietude allows us to get things in order and relax and be peaceful.  I need to strive to be more quiet and have more quiet time.  How do you manage to have quietude in your life?



5 responses to “Blogging Through the Alphabet: Q is for Quietude

  1. onmypath says:

    Sarah Jo,

    I love the word quietude.

    Simple. Melodious. A prayer in itself.

    Thanks for sharing that world with me today.

    All the best,

  2. As a mom of three–and one that homeschooled her oldest child for 4 1/2 of his school years–I understand completely. I love being surrounded by my children; however, it is nice to have a little quiet time.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Me too, sometimes quiet is that elusive element. Two of my three love to talk and it’s usually when I’m involved with a book LOL

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