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Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!

on July 11, 2013

We enjoy going to to the zoo and I spent several hours deciding whether or not to get us a pass for our zoo that is just about an hour away.  One of our other passes will get us 50% off but that is still $32.50 plus it’s $8.00 to park.  I like having the freedom to not feel like I have to stay all day and can leave if needed, like if I feel ill or if a child is too tired to continue on – plus we can go for the Christmas light display and not have to pay!  Also at the zoo there are rides and we can purchase discount wrist bands for $8.00 per person that allows us to ride all the rides (with the exception of the water ones) and get into the special Dinosaur and Stingray Bay exhibit.


My eldest in the goat area.


The zoo is huge and a lot of it is spread out, so for us, seeing it in a whole day is almost impossible with having a 6 year old, 8 year old and 11 year old the younger one needs to rest quite a bit and of course then there are bathroom breaks.  One animal that I really like to watch is the Bison but I have not seen them out the last few times I’ve been there – the Bison are such beautiful animals.  My oldest loves manatees and we got to see them and my middle daughter likes the penguins (which live there too) and hippos (which were elusive that day as well).  My son likes them all, he doesn’t really have a favorite.


My middle daughter riding the horse ride.


We had a great day, and I even drove – which is quite a feat because the freeway to get to the zoo is crazy and full of construction in which most drivers don’t obey the lowered speed limit and freaks me out a bit.  We rode the miniature train which gives you a bit of a glimpse of some of the animals that hide away from the main viewing areas.  The younger two were allowed to ride the horses and they all enjoyed doing a bit of goat grooming in the petting area.


My son on his pony.






22 responses to “Lions, Tigers and Bears, oh my!

  1. Horse rides at the zoo?! FUN! The zoo in Jacksonville, FL is nice (for Jacksonville anyway) but we don’t have a lot of extras – and the few we do, we have to pay extra for. I guess that’s what we get for not having to pay for parking …

    • ohiosarah says:

      Thank you for coming by! It does cost $1 to ride the pony rides and the train but if we buy those wrist bands all the rides are included. this zoo has really improved over the years, when I was a child and we’d go it was just the zoo then they added the waterpark and a tiny amusement park area.

  2. Ray says:

    Sounds like a pretty good deal. My wife and I took her almost 1 year old niece to the KC Zoo a few weeks back. She, along with the rest of the family, had a blast and the several hours we had in a day was enough. If we lived closer we would consider some kind of seasonal pass I think.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Thank you for visiting Ray. While my city isn’t the best it is centrally located to a lot of area museums and zoos – it only takes us 1 1/2 hours to get to Indianapolis so it made sense to get the pass to the museum there. I like knowing I don’t have to see everything in one day and just enjoy one or two areas and walk leisurely around (the zoo is huge) versus rushing and not really seeing.

  3. francenestanley says:

    It still works out as an expensive outing, even allowing for the special passes. I don’t know how young families survive nowadays. Great to see the kids on horses.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Thank you for coming by and leaving a comment. Not really, the pass is going to save us quite a bit, especially when we can go when all the schools are back in session and it’s cooler out. We don’t have to pay for parking now. The children know as well that the $8 ride bands will be a special occasion thing, not an every visit thing – so most of our visits will be free after our 2nd time 😀

  4. Bethany says:

    We go to this zoo about once a year! We never make it to everything. 🙂

  5. Holly says:

    I love the zoo. The best part about our zoo is that they are open all winter. We’ve gone a couple of times this summer but it gets just too hot. I am looking forward to the fall when the public school kids are back in school. I hope I can take several more field trips.

    • ohiosarah says:

      Holly, I am the same way I don’t enjoy it when it’s so hot and the humidity here has been crazy! I too am waiting till fall and schools to be in session to go back. Ours is open in the winter too and they do a special Christmas light thing in the evenings – I’ve told hubby that I want us to get a hotel room and make a day trip even though it’s only a short drive but it’ll be fun – the children always enjoy a hotel stay.

  6. marcyky says:

    we love zoos and have never been to that one. I’ll have to add it to my list for when we’re traveling. it looks like a great one!

  7. Michele P says:

    What a nice zoo you have! We love going as well, but you are right, without season passes, it can add up. Looks like your has a lot of things…a great place to do school! 😉

  8. Going to the zoo is one of our favorite outings. It is great to be able to take it slow and enjoy!. Polar bears are a favorite here.

  9. sounds like a lovely day, and a good idea to get the pass. 🙂

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