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Crew Review: Badge of Honor by Susan K. Marlow #hsreviews

on July 12, 2013

All of my children and I have enjoyed Susan K. Marlow’s/Kregel Publications other books and when I had the chance to read the newest series, Goldtown Adventures and specifically book 1, titled Badge of Honor I knew I had to grab it.


This series is geared for ages 9 to 13 but I read it aloud to all three of my children ages, 11, almost 7 and 8 and a mix of a boy and girls.  All three really got into the story, as did I, and I had them begging to “read one more chapter”.  I had to force myself to stop reading it at times because it is a fast paced story with some good twists.


The website says this about the book:


It’s 1864, and Goldtown, California, has seen the last of its Gold Rush days. But Jem and his sister, Ellie, along with an old prospector, “Strike,” are sure they can pan more gold in Cripple Creek. In the meantime, selling frog legs and firewood will have to  do. Then Pa becomes sheriff of lawless Goldtown, and Jem worries. How many outlaws will use Pa’s new badge for target practice? When the creek mysteriously dries up, Jem determines to find out why—and plunges head-on into danger.

While I did enjoy this book I will say that because this is set in the ‘wild’ West Susan does describe such actions that take place – one such action was during a fight that broke out and the text said “An Arkansas toothpick – a long-bladed, evil knife – could easily slice up a man so badly he would bleed to death.”  Of course, if it was only my 11 year old reading it I would be a bit more okay but it allowed some discussion between us of how some people don’t follow God’s laws and therefor fight and kill.  In reading this book one must keep in mind that bar fights moving into the street, guns, and evil men were in full force in the West but just in different ways from the way things are today.

I have to say that I can’t wait to read the second book, Tunnel of Gold, to see what Jem and his sister get into this time.  The book had a lot of good messages as Jem’s dad, who becomes the first sheriff of Goldtown,  teaches his children Biblical truths through his actions as well as his quiet words.  The book takes you back to a time when life was slower, the hope of finding gold in the rivers and streams and evil was far away.  The redeeming qualities of this book make it a great read, whether you read it aloud or allow your children to read it on their own.  Each book sells for $7.99 each (plus shipping) or you can purchase a set of two for $13.95 (save $2, plus shipping) at the product page, there is also an option for autographed copies.  If you’d like to read what other homeschooling parents thought about Books 1 and 2 visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew Blog.


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  1. Susan Marlow says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Just stopping by to share my thanks for the lovely review for Badge. It is so fun to read the different “takes” on why folks liked the book(s). Have a great week!

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