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Kregel Tour: Bible Stories Painting Book 2 #review #blogboost

on July 16, 2013

About the Book: Bible Stories Painting Book 1 and Bible Stories Painting Book 2 are two fantastic painting books that are easy to use with no mess involved! Each book has sixteen scenes from the Old and New Testaments with a simple line of text explaining the picture. Simply dip your brush in water, wipe over the paint pallets on the inside covers and fill in the illustrations with bright, bold colors!

You can purchase the book at Kregel’s website or on Amazon for $7.99.




My Opinion:

As a busy mom of three I don’t have time to go behind my children and clean up messes made by crafting – and I don’t want that responsibility to fall all on my oldest daughter’s shoulders either.  For the most part my children can clean up after themselves, but it makes me tired of thinking of gathering supplies, getting things ready, etc – because all my children and I enjoy crafting.  Enter the Bible Stories Painting Book 2 – with two pages of three painting palettes included this book is great for a quick painting session when the, “mom, I’m bored” starts being chanted.  All one needs is a paintbrush and a cup of water and they’re ready to go and paint all with almost no clean-up.

The pages are perforated so if you have more than one child they can each have their own page (even my 11 year old had fun painting with her siblings) and the palettes are big enough for three to easily gather around and share.  The pages are also quite thick, so that, as long as a child doesn’t soak their pages too much they’ll be able to paint on both sides without it soaking through – or getting on the table.  Of course, the only real clean up is rinsing the brushes, emptying the water and making sure the palette is dry before closing.  This is a great book for keeping little ones busy if you’re doing school with an older child or you don’t feel like doing an art lesson just pull this out and art is done, of course it can also be used just for fun as well!



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