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Crew/Molly Review: Couponing Made Simple by Christi the Coupon Coach

on July 18, 2013

I like to find ways to save money when shopping – with being a one income, larger than usual household saving money is a big concept in this house.  I had the chance to read Couponing Made Simple by Christi the Coupon Coach and it was chock full of information about how to use coupons to help you save money at the grocery and elsewhere.   I read through the book, very quickly, in about two hours.  The print is larger than normal which helped, especially since I usually forget to wear my glasses when reading, so that helped with the quick reading.

Here is what the book is about:  Learn to save 80% today and for the rest of your life. Couponing Made Simple can help make sense of the new world of couponing wtih a step-by-step plan. Imagine providing for your family in these tough economic times for pennies on the dollar! This is not “extreme” but real couponing for real people. The sooner you get started couponing, the more you will save. You will wish you had started earlier, but the plan, organization system, tips and tools can jump start you into a new way of shopping. Join Christi the Coupon Coach as she shows you the way to Super Savings!

I liked the fact that this wasn’t extreme couponing, because I honestly don’t have time for that – it needs to be easy and uncomplicated.  Christi tells you how to organize your system using some simple ‘equipment’ like your computer, printer, accordion coupon folder and a couple other items that are easily obtained.  She then walks you step by step through the process of filing, how to cut coupons, organizing and even how to use the coupon system.  She gives numerous tips and tricks, networking, ethics of couponing and even finding deals at places like yard sales.

I loved all the ideas but since we can’t eat highly processed foods or at least try to severely limit them – we can’t really use much of our local coupons and our favorite store usually doesn’t accept them either.  Our local big grocery doesn’t allow stacking which is one thing Christi, which is the way at most of our local stores.  So I wasn’t able to save more money by the grocery and/or drug stores but thrift stores are an entirely different story.  Since she covers yard sales and thrift stores, those sections came in handy and I could use the tips about yard sales for thrift stores – I love saving money when I have to clothe three children.

If you are looking for a way to start couponing, she does cover very briefly on how to coupon if your family does have some special diets like gluten free, then this book will get you started quickly and simply.  While I wasn’t able to use it like I wanted to, due to store policies and the coupons for items we don’t/can’t use/eat – there was still quite a bit of information to glean and use to save in other areas besides just grocery items.  The book sells for $14.00 for a physical copy or $4.99 for the e-copy.  If you’d like to find out what other homeschool parents had to say about this book visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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