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Celebrate Kids Review: How Am I Smart? by Dr. Kathy Koch #grow4christ

on August 4, 2013

How Am I Smart? review at Growing For Christ About the Book from Celebrate Kids: Has your daughter or student come to you in tears, asking, “Am I smart?” Or has a teen wanted to know, “How smart am I?”

Dr. Koch wants children to ask an even more important question, “How am I smart?”

How Am I Smart? A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences, is an important tool to help children and adults recognize and value a treasure trove of giftedness that may lie unrecognized and underutilized. Dr. Koch’s book turns the theory of multiple intelligences into a readable, understandable and useful tool to help children and adults make the most of their “smarts.”

Dr. Kathy Koch helps parents, teachers, and children of all ages understand how they are smart in eight ways. She explains all eight intelligences (word smart, body smart, people smart, picture smart, logic smart, music smart, nature smart, self smart) and stresses how to use them for your own benefit.

Dr. Kathy reveals roots of behavior struggles and relationship conflicts, and their possible solutions. She addresses spiritual growth in unique and insightful ways. She also includes valuable ideas about learning and studying and how paralysis of intelligences occurs and what to do about it.

You can purchase the book and download the mentioned handbooks at Celebrate Kids.

My Opinion:

I’ve been on a quest lately to learn how to better relate to my children and I was offered to review How Am I Smart? while I was at the homeschool convention I went to in April.  So a few weeks after I got home I received the book in the mail and I only wish I had started reading it sooner, I’ve read another book lately on how to relate to children so this one tied right into it.  I began reading without my high lighter but quickly realized I would have to grab my high lighter and start marking up the book!  I will admit I still haven’t been able to pin all three of my children’s smarts yet because for the most part they seem to have all the smarts.

As a home school mom I want to know how I can best teach my children using their gifts that God has given them and since this book is from a Christian viewpoint that really helps me in discovering how to use the Bible to help them.  When I was reading about logic smart children that chapter really struck me between the eyes because I could see me and Dr. Kathy Koch not only helps you understand your children’s smarts, but how yours relate to theirs.  If you’re wondering what the smarts are they are: word, logic, picture, music, body, nature, people and self smarts – these will make more sense when you have a chance to read the book but at the same time they are somewhat self explanatory.

Why would I say that every parent needs to learn their child’s smarts?  One thing that the author discusses is paralyzing the smart – she’ll help you with ideas to un-paralyze that as well as how to awaken or strengthen a smart.  Having trouble with your child not being able to sit still and retain information read aloud?  Behavior issues that time out, losing privileges or even spankings can’t correct?  In How Am I Smart? you, the parent will be encouraged to help your child with their intelligences and it may be even more important for those of us with several children who we all want them to learn the same way because it saves time in how long we have to do school.

She also discusses careers that are aimed for each intelligence, however having a career as a mom and homemaker isn’t one that is ever mentioned, and that is one draw back for me.  Regardless, I love the fact that this comes from a Christian perspective versus a humanistic viewpoint and Dr. Kathy Koch uses Scripture through out and also advises parents how to get their child to trust God according to their smart ability – I never would have thought that the way my children respond to God’s plan of Salvation could be connected to their intelligence gift.

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Kathyism #32 – “Awaken All 8 Smarts” from Dr. Kathy Koch on Vimeo.


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