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Crew Review: Bible Study Guide for All Ages #hsreviews #grow4christ

on August 6, 2013

Imagine having a Bible study that all ages of your children can do at the same time, using the same Scripture BUT at their levels…….

Okay I couldn’t have imagined it at first either, most Bible studies are based on one certain age and tweaking it because tedious so I have to introduce you to Bible Study Guide for All Ages.  I was given the two student pages for the Intermediate level  ($5.95 per unit; aimed at third and fourth grade) as well as one for the Advanced level ($5.95 per unit; aimed at fifth and sixth grade) and the awesome Bible Summary Cards ($24.95).  I can honestly say for the first time I’ve been able to have all three of my children, literally, on the same page – making it easy to study the Bible together.

The first thing I noticed when I received our package today was the size of the student pages – they are legal size so it makes them different from regular sized paper and it’s easy to view the timeline on each page since the size is bigger.  The pages can be used with any Bible version you have on hand, we used ESV, KJV, NIV and the CEB – depending on which one I grabbed that day.  It is noted that the student pages do use the vocabulary that is used int he NIV.  In their frequently asked question area they address the issue of doctrinal positions and this is what they have to say:

“We believe that the Bible is the word of God and is our guide for life. We want to help people study and understand the Bible for themselves and learn to apply it to themselves. We do not seek to teach others our opinions about issues of debate.


We believe in the one true God who exists in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God sent his Son Jesus to earth, born of a virgin, to live and die as the atoning sacrifice for all who would place their trust in him. We believe that he rose from the dead and ascended to heaven where he sat down at the right hand of God the Father. We believe that he is present today, through the Holy Spirit, in his church, the body of Christ.


We work independently of any church group or denomination. We seek to present the Bible and the Bible alone.”

I know this can and will be an important issue to my readers and I have to say I’m very impressed that this study sticks with what Scripture says with no other additions to it.  There are 416 lessons so therefore the guides do not start with Genesis and go through Revelation as that would make for a much longer study.  Our pages started with Genesis 35:23-26 and 37:1-11 regarding Jacob’s 12 sons and Joseph’s dreams – and from there we visit other books in the Bible.  I liked this approach as it kept what we were learning fresh and also showed us how the whole thing comes together.


Each of the student pages use the same Scripture reference and then each page are divided up into sections such as Remember It, Memory Workout, Guess What, Time Line, Get Active, Apply It, Discover the Bible and on the intermediate pages they have a prayer list area.  The advanced pages have a bit more thought work and writing involved – and it was a bit difficult without an answer key (although those can be purchased separately if needed) but it was still able to be completed and even I learned some aspects of Scripture that I’d hadn’t considered.

I divided each lesson into two days, so Monday and Tuesday we’d do one lesson and then Wednesday and Thursday we’d do another, giving us two lessons per school work.  I could probably have my oldest do it on her own, but this one area of our school day that I enjoy having us all come together and work on it and it gives us some great discussions between the four of us.  My children liked the Get Active part which gives some activity to relate back to the Scripture, for example for lesson 1 they had to draw what they think hate would look like (with a boy this could be a bit scary).

My girl’s picture of what hate is. B’s is on the left and someone broke the other girl’s baby doll, H’s depicts a hand holding a hear that is hurting.

My son’s depiction of hate. I said it could be scary with a boy.

One side note is that there is music that is suggested to be listened to and sung aloud to make learning easy – you can purchase the CD but the few lessons we did during the review period I was able to find other resources to get an idea of the tone and song.  I think, as I continue to use this with my children because we’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ll be buying the CD and the teacher’s key to make our lessons easier and more complete.

The other item I received were the Bible Book Summary Cards which are an awesome resource for any family who wants their children to learn the Books of the Bible and what is in each book and what it is about.  The colorful cards gives several images and/or words (there is also black and white cards if you’d like the children to color them) that correlate to the book’s subject matter.  On the back is a description of what each picture means and then some questions I asked the children as a review – eventually I’d like to think that my children won’t only know all the books of the Bible (the older two do already) but also what each book is about without the aid of the cards.  The cards are on heavy duty card stock paper and could probably even be slipped into a page protector if you wanted to display them on a wall to aid in learning that card.


If you’d like to read about other levels or what other home school parents thought about Bible Study Guide for All Ages visit The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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