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Crew Review: Legacy Documentaries: Almanzo Wilder Life Before Laura #hsreviews #grow4christ

on August 8, 2013

Crew Review of Life Before Laura: Legacy Documentaries

I have a confession……..I have never, ever read the Little House on the Prairie books.  That’s right never.  They are sitting on my shelf but I’ve not read them, much to my 8 year old daughter’s chagrin.  However I fell in love with the T.V. show and have watched every single one and I remember Almanzo played by Dean Butler.  Legacy Documentaries strives to make films that not only entertain but also to inform and help in the lives of the viewer.  Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura definitely lives up to the mission of the company, geared towards ages that are old enough to be read or can read the Little House series.

Now that my little confession is over, I can say that one doesn’t have to have read the books in order to have some knowledge (or obsession) with anything Little House, as is the case with me.  I haven’t had the privilege to go on a Little House pilgrimage but that is in the plans for some vacation down the road, but I love reading and watching what I can.  That is why I so enjoyed this 53 minute DVD on Almazo’s life before meeting Laura and it even discusses how they met and their age difference.  The DVD even pulled in my three children and at least two of them found it interesting.

Through the DVD viewers can ‘visit’ the Wilder homestead and even see some of the renovations that it took to restore it to the days when the Wilder’s lived there and worked the land.  The DVD was also quite relaxing to watch with the beautiful music and the actors who portrayed the family makes it feel real and enjoyable.  Whether you’re a Little House fan or not, this DVD includes a look at the life of youth as well as Americana on a farm during the mid-1800’s, which would be great for a course of study in that period of history.  It is shot on location in northern New York State on the actual homestead.

The DVD sells for $21.95 and comes with a 30 day no questions asked, money back guarantee so if you’re not completely satisfied you can return it.  Although it’s my opinion that you’ll want to add it to and keep it for your collection because this will add so much living history to the school day or for your enjoyment after reading Farmer Boy.  There was a little history about Laura’s writing of her beloved series so she’s not completely left out of this documentary but Legacy Documentaries does have other DVDs as well so be sure to check out the other reviews on the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.



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