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Kregel Tour: Death Be Not Proud by C.F. Dunn (adult themes addressed) #grow4christ #bookreviews

on August 12, 2013

About the Book: Following the vicious attack by a psychotic colleague, and reeling from the suspicion that Matthew Lynes is not all that he seems, Professor Emma D’Eresby flees her college teaching position in Maine to her hometown in England–taking the mysterious seventeenth–century journal she stole from the college’s archives with her.

Broken physically and emotionally, Emma drifts until, fearing for their daughter’s sanity, her parents invite a family friend to assess her. In the course of their conversation, Emma discovers that he spoke to Matthew over thirty years before.

This finally spurs her into action and soon, when she finds what certainly must be a reference to Matthew in the journal, she begins to understand Matthew’s profound secret.

But when Matthew arrives to confess his love for her, she must decide if she can trust him–and he must decide if he can share his extraordinary secret with her. Drawn by a deep connection that both feel but don’t quite understand they find they must set aside their doubts and trust each other.

Readers will be thrilled by the second installment in The Secret of the Journal from British author C. F. Dunn. Mixing suspense, romance, and the supernatural, Death Be Not Proud explores the profound moral implications of a life seemingly invulnerable to time.


My Opinion:


I read the first book in The Secret of the Journal series so that I would understand the characters and plot better by the time I started the second book Death Be Not Proud.  I enjoy a Christian suspense novel just like the next woman and even some romance is okay but honestly in this book I felt as far from a Christian novel as I could get.  In the first it’s established that Emma has some sort of faith, although it’s not said if that faith is in Christ alone or some other diety and she never goes to church (my attendance is sporadic with three children but Emma never goes).  I knew that this was a book in the supernatural realm but I wasn’t expecting a person who is almost like a vampire (although he never calls himself that, nor is he ever referred to as such – but his immortality is definitely in question).


Okay, I’ll admit I did enjoy the book for the simple fact that it was an intriguing read with lots of history interspersed through out and for the fact alone I enjoyed it.  That being said I don’t see this as a ‘Christian’ book – honestly the only time I heard God’s name invoked was in a moment of anger using a term that even the character Emma found antiquated, “***’s teeth”.  There was some other cussing that went on and even Emma, who prided herself in the first book of not having sex before marriage (even though she did make that mistake once), puts herself in compromising positions and even flirts with the idea of not worrying about it anymore.


Overall, the book was great up until about the last 5 chapters or so, when some of my main concerns took place – and I think most of my issues could have simply been left out – really cussing takes away from any story, book, show or movie.  This last part may come across as hypocritical, but I’ll risk it, while I did like the book up until the last few chapters I have to say I was uncomfortable in the subject matter of Matthew being immortal and his seemingly hypnotic state over Emma – I just don’t think that books that are marketed towards the Christian audience should deal with things that are so un-Christian.  The only reason why I finished the book was because I have a hard time not finishing a book, so I finished it, but I could not in good conscience recommend it to a Christian friend.



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  1. Laraba says:

    Sounds quite a bit like the Twilight series, though maybe aimed at adults? Thanks for the review…I definitely will give that one a miss. Sounds like it has obsessive romance and a very non-Christian worldview

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