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Bethany House Review: A Simple Change by Judith Miller #grow4christ

on August 14, 2013

About the Book: When her parents decide to sell their home and move to the Amana Colonies, Jancey Rhoder must make a difficult decision. Should she give up her beloved teaching job and her carefree life in Kansas City to go with them?

Her suitor, Nathan Woodward, doesn’t want her to go, but Jancey feels she must give this new life a try. Her mother is sick, and these next few months may be the last Jancey gets to spend with her. But will this move spell the end of her relationship with Nathan? And when life in Amana is far more mysterious and challenging than Jancey expected, will she choose to return to the city, or will she make this unique place her forever home?


My Opinion:


This book is the second in a 3 part series, and I have not read the first book, but that didn’t not hinder my reading of A Simple Change.  I’ve read other of Judith Miller’s books and have really enjoyed her other writings so I’m going to be excited to get the first and the third which comes out next year.  Jancey seemed real as she struggles to stay in Kansas City or move to the Amana Colonies (if you’ve never heard of them you should do some research, fascinating) so her mom can have a peaceful life before passing on after enduring a long illness.  Jancey decides to go with her parents to the colony and begins her life, plain as it is, but she fits in and does her best to live by the colony’s rules such as never being alone with another man.


Through a series of events and some secrets that Jancey stumbles upon during her job of cleaning the outsider men dormitory, which sets a path of deception and destruction.  The ending seemed a bit rushed, as Judith Miller had to begin wrapping it up – so all the ending wrap ups to the plots seemed a bit forced but still flowed nicely with the story, so the reader isn’t left hanging.  I hope that we get to visit with Jancey and Ritt in book three even though it deals with another woman and other colonists, but I’d love to hear more about their life as they live on in the colony.



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