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Independent Schooling – Part 2 #grow4christ

on August 14, 2013

Part two of doing school indpendently at Growing for Christ

So this is part two of our independent school posts, you can read part one which is more about what I do for my two younger children, this part will focus on my 11 year old.  She came to me wanting to do something different so can work on her own and seeing as how her two drawers in our 6 drawer cart was too full we had to do something.

 photo 100_0889_zpsac4ed773.jpgI have one of those hanging file folder thingy-s (I know it’s not a word but I’m going with it) and decided that after attending a workbox Facebook party I could use this to make my oldest more independent.  I added folders and all her books and such – she has 11 folders:

  • Bible
  • Writing Strands
  • American History
  • Art
  • Moving Beyond the page
  • World History
  • Online Moving Beyond the Page
  • math
  • Spanish
  • her finished work folder
  • Science


All of her workbooks that are not shared are placed in the folders, as you can see from the picture above I’ve placed her student workbook, timeline book, map book and lesson review from America the Beautiful in a folder.  The same goes for her other subjects, if it’s a book say like history or Spanish, she’ll have to grab the text from the shelf so that I can use it when she is not and when she is done she’ll put it back.  So far this is working well.


Once I set this up, I needed a way for her to know what assignments she needs to complete in a week.  She and I discussed how this would work, since I use a lot of abbreviations in my lesson planner it’s not real conducive for her to look at unless she memorizes my abbreviations.  So I create a word document for her that lists all the subject assignments that need finished that week.  She can do these in any order she likes as long as everything is done by Friday.  Since we only normally do school Monday through Thursday this gives her the choice of one day off, unless we do a field trip on Friday in which case all work must be done by Thursday.



I’ve created her own folder with the assignment document in it, which I update at the end of each week.  When she completes an assignment she highlights it and puts it in italics, this way she and I both know what she’s completed and I know what I need to grade for her.  The nice thing about this is, if she has work that needs typed out she can add it to the folder and I’ll know right where to find it without having to hunt in all the other documents and it keeps it safe from being deleted (sort of).


For now, she is still doing science with her siblings because it’s easier since they all are pretty much doing the same thing except she uses the regular notebooking journal versus the junior ones that her siblings use.  We do Bible together as well.  Once she gets up and eats breakfast she knows she can just get going – if she wants to do all math and history on Monday and do nothing but writing on Tuesday, that’s fine or if she wants to do some of each on each day, fine too.  My goal is to have her working completely independent since she’ll be moving into middle school science after we complete Land Animals.


Feel free to ask my questions or if I need to clarify something I’ll be happy to do that too.  So far this system has worked well for us and I’m hoping it continues that way.  I’ll be creating a post soon on what each child’s curriculum is as well.


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  1. […] Often times I’m asked what we are using for our school curricula, sometimes I get the feeling some think we play school and don’t realize we use real curricula.  Since my children basically do the same curricula across the board I’m not going to split it up by grades – if after you’ve read you’d like to know how I tweak things for say my 2nd grader versus my 6/7th grader leave me a comment and I will get with you.  If you’d like to read about our trying out more independent schooling read Part One and Part Two. […]

  2. Mary says:

    I like the hanging file box idea – especially if one is on the go in the car a lot.

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