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Booksneeze Review: 12 Days in Africa by Lisa Sanders #grow4christ

on August 15, 2013

About the Book: Lisa traveled to Uganda with her teenage son on a 12 day mission trip. In an orphanage her world view abruptly changed as she held a shivering, emaciated little boy who lay dying of malaria. This experience and others while on the trip were so profound that she is compelled to share them with you. Come and walk with Lisa through Uganda as God shows her His different definitions of “mother.”

You can purchase the book at Westbow or on Amazon.


My Opinion:


Grab a box of tissues, or if you’re like me a roll of bathroom tissue (it goes further!) and start reading this book that will probably get you thinking, ‘when can I go to Africa’?  As most of my readers know I have a heart for foreign mission work as does my currently, 8 year old daughter, and this book will take you to the heart of Africa where children are dying from preventable diseases, women are dying from violence against them and where clean water in some villages is only a dream – one that sometimes will never come true.  This isn’t a long book, I finished it in less than a day, but it’s one that will move your heart and mind to thinking beyond your boundaries.


Even if all I can do right now is pray for these people and fellow Brothers and Sisters in Africa, for those who run these mission organizations and those who go – the Lord can use my prayers to spur them on.  While the book is short it is big on showing the darkness that envelopes villages that still live shrouded in mysticism and witchcraft, where rapes are daily occurrences, starving is the meal of the day Lisa Sanders does a great job in expounding on loving those in Africa, giving them a hand up – through a hug, cleaning a wound and education versus a hand out.  I can almost feel the red dirt she describes as it gets into her skin, I can sympathize with her plight of a migraine and the strobe like effect of motorcycles as they travel the roads at night and I can almost smell the flesh that has been festering with infection as it’s cleaned, cleaned of debris and treated.


Like other books about mission trips and those who take them, don’t read this if you don’t want to be challenged, if you don’t want to feel something.  I read this book after having suffered through a migraine attack, and it made me realize that I’m only giving excuses.  Lisa’s story has made me realize that migraines or not I can take a mission trip so I’m glad that I listened to the Lord’s leading and grabbed this book to read as it’s given me a reason to not have an excuse.



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