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2013-2014 curricula choices #grow4christ #homeschool

on August 16, 2013

curricula choices for 2013-2014 school year Growing for Christ

Often times I’m asked what we are using for our school curricula, sometimes I get the feeling some think we play school and don’t realize we use real curricula.  Since my children basically do the same curricula across the board I’m not going to split it up by grades – if after you’ve read you’d like to know how I tweak things for say my 2nd grader versus my 6/7th grader leave me a comment and I will get with you.  If you’d like to read about our trying out more independent schooling read Part One and Part Two.

Sometimes things can get a little hairy, especially when we get a review product for a subject we are already doing, right now the only subject that is bothered by that is phonics for my 2nd year old, but it works itself out and we just integrate or put aside the other material and hopefully the new, review stuff will work better.  I’ll denote if something is for all of the children or which grade uses it to help out and there may be affiliate links, which means if you click on something and buy I’ll get a little in return to help with buying new things for our school.


Bible Study for All Ages (all) you can read my review

God’s Great Covenant New Testament 1 (review)


Rod and Staff Grade 2

Teaching Textbooks 4

Teaching Textbooks 7


Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 (we should be done by mid-September)

Apologia Zoology 2 Junior Notebooking Journal (2nd and 4th)

Apologia Zoology 2 regular journal (6/7th grade)

Apologia Exploring Creation with Zoology 3

Zoology 3 junior notebooking journal (2nd and 4th)

Zoology 3 regular journal (6/7th)

Once my oldest finishes Zoology 3 she’ll be moving into middle school level science, but I have yet to decide which one.


America the Beautiful from Notgrass (read my review) (all)

Mystery of History Volume 3 (all)

Foreign Language:

Classical Academic Press’ Song School Spanish (review) (2nd grade)

Classical Academic Press’ Spanish for Children Primer A (4th and 6/7th)

Classical Academic Press’ Latin for Children Primer A (4th)

Phonics: (2nd grade)

IEW PAL program (review)

Logic of English Foundations A (review coming soon)

Writing/Grammar/Language Arts:

Excellence in Writing Grade 4

IEW TWSS/SWI Level A (review) (4th)

Writing Strands Level 3 (6/7th)


Rod and Staff Grade 1 (finishing from last year) (2nd)

Rod and Staff Grade 3 (finishing from last year) (4th)

How Great Thou Art: I Can Do All Things  (2nd/4th) (review)
How Great Thou Art: God & Christian Artists (review) (6/7th)


So that is our planned curricula for the year – it’s a lot I’ll admit but we don’t do science every day and Writing Strands has weeks where instead of work the oldest reads a literature book and art is only once or twice a week.  Of course we do read aloud books and field trips and other throw ins that I don’t include – like American Heritage Girls, 4-H, martial arts, dance, etc.  Ohio only requires 900 hours to be taught so we can cover that easily in our 4 days a week school schedule.


Again if you have questions how I tweak things feel free to ask, if you want to read what I really think of some of these items I’ve linked to my reviews both here on my blog and at Eclectic Homeschool Online (those can be read here), and I’ve included some affiliate links.


3 responses to “2013-2014 curricula choices #grow4christ #homeschool

  1. Allison says:

    Hi, I came across this website and I thought might be beneficial to your daughter’s middle school science studies: It looks like it’s got some well-organized curricula on different areas of science. I’m not entirely sure if it’s at her grade level, but I hope it helps you out! 🙂

  2. Hannah says:

    Apologia is a wonderful program, and works especially well if you are looking for a self-teaching program. Also loved that Latin program, as it taught the grammar really well, and helped me greatly when I later went on to study Greek, which has very similar grammar. Great choices!

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