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Book Crash Review: The Gospel According to Les Miserables by Selena Sarns #grow4christ

on August 27, 2013

About the Book: This 30 day devotional book points out some of the many Christian themes within the story of Les Miserables, connects them to timeless truths found in the Bible, and offers challenges for all of us.

You can find the book on TheBiblePeople or on Amazon.

My Opinion:

I’ve been a fan of Les Miserables ever since I read this classic tome in middle school (yes, middle school – many odd looks from peers and teachers) – I love the book, the performances, the music and most of all the messages throughout.  I was so excited when I had the chance to review a copy of The Gospel According to Les Miserables: 30 Devotions to Inspire Faith from Book Crash because I loved the idea of tying Scripture to a book that has strong Christian themes of love, repentance, grace and more running through it.

The first thing I noticed about this book is the Javert is spelled Javier on the back cover – however his name is spelled correctly in the inside pages.  This is a short devotional since it only contains 30 readings, each with a central theme and a corresponding Scripture reference that ties the whole reading together nicely.  The whole reading takes less than five minutes, which is great for this busy mom, but not so much for an in depth study but of course, one could really take the readings and run with them on their own – if they have the time.

The devotions are written from an evangelical, conservative Christian stance and since I consider myself all of those the devotions resounded with me.  I did find it helped to read the surrounding Scripture as well and make notes in the devotional and Bible.  While some may find some of the readings repetitive I find that sometimes repetition can be a good thing – even the Lord repeats His message in His Word – some of us need that constant reminder of love, repentance and grace.  I know I will be keeping this near my Bible study supplies when I need a quick pick me up based in the Word.

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