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Crew Review: Doorposts; Beauty in the Heart #grow4christ #hsreviews

on August 27, 2013

I’m always on the watch for resources that can help my girls grow into the women that God wants them to be – having an 11 1/2 year old and an 8 year old (almost 9) – makes the responsibility very real.  Doorposts has a wonderful book/Bible study called Beauty in the Heart for girls ages 10 and up.  The subtitle of the book is “a study of Godly beauty for young women” and that is truly what this book/study is all about and relying only on God’s Word.  If you’d like your daughter to learn what God says about beauty, attitudes and other character traits befitting a young woman of God then Beauty in the Heart is the book for that.

There are 86 days worth of study in this book which equates to 17 weeks if you do five studies a week – however it could easily be sped up or slowed down depending on the girl and where they are at in their life.  If more study is needed there are also 45 more guidance ideas for study that could make it a year long study.  What is covered in this study?

  • Beauty in the Heart
  • Beauty in Trusting God
  • Beauty in Humility
  • Beauty in Modesty
  • Beauty in Serving
  • Beauty without Discretion
  • Beauty in Crisis
  • Beauty in the Gates
  • Beauty in Review
  • and there are also alternate questions for boys

Beauty in the Heart isn’t just about 1 study but also to give young ladies (and even their moms) tools to know how to study God’s Word on their own outside of this study.  Using a concordance and a topical Bible (Nave’s and Strong’s are recommended) as well as colored pencils and/or non-bleeding highlighters the young lady will work her way through different Scripture passages such as I Peter, Proverbs, and using character studies of women like Ruth and Sarah.   We do not have a topical Bible but in my concordance there was a topical reference which sufficed for our use – also it was nice since we only had 1 book and 1 Bible versus 2 books and 1 Bible.

Also included is how to use online Bibles and mobile apps to further increase the in depth study both for this and other times.  I used to hate marking in my Bible, but I now love the feeling of opening a Bible that has my markings that I know are inspired by the Holy Spirit and I can only hope by having my daughters continue working through this study that they too will come to value the priceless-ness of having a marked up Bible.  Each day took between 5 and 20 minutes depending on what was being studied, how many questions, what was being read as well as how much time she wanted to spend on it.  Overall, this was a beautiful study and one that I hope to go through again when my middle daughter becomes old enough.  Beauty in the Heart sells for $14.00 and the truths that your daughter will find are priceless.  To find out what other homeschool parents thought about Beauty in the Heart and Because You Are Strong visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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