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Blogging Through the Alphabet: X is for X-ray #grow4christ

on August 28, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Well we’re nearing the end of the current Blogging through the Alphabet over at Ben and Me – can’t wait for the next round.

My X is for X-ray…..

One thing as a mom of a child who has scoliosis is that that child will undergo many, many, many x-rays.  No one will convince me that x-rays are safe – no matter how small or how infrequent or frequent.  Yes, there are definite good reasons for x-rays but it is one medical technique that needs to be used infrequently unless absolutely necessary.

Depending on which type of visit we were at the orthpedic specialist for there could be one to four x-rays taken and that was if they were taken correctly – there were times they messed up and had to be re-taken.  My concern probably wouldn’t be as big if my daughter could wear the lead aprons but that isn’t an option since they have to have images of her lower spine and pelvis.  I pray that the Lord protects her each time and that the x-rays she has had and will continue to have will not give her health issues later on.


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