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Crew Review: Time 4 Learning (6th Grade) #hsreviews #grow4christ

on September 9, 2013

I’ve used Time 4 Learning before and each time it’s been a hit and this time was no different – except I was given a 6 month subscription for my 6th grader.  Once we were set to begin I added the log in screen to our favorites so that my oldest could log in and begin working on her own.  It’s easy to log in and get started, the student clicks on lessons where they chose from language arts extensions, language arts, math, science and social studies – once they’ve decided what to work on they will select that and be taken to a new screen.  Under each subject matter they are then divided into more, such as math the student can work on whole numbers, integers, graphing, geometry and more.

Time 4 Learning’s automated system teaches subjects in a sequential manner building upon skills previously learned as the student goes through the lessons.  It goes at the student’s pace so there is never any feeling that they are behind or too far ahead and because of the multimedia it feels more like they are playing a game versus doing school or educational work.  Not at home?  Have a laptop and internet connection?  No problem.  The parent and the student can access Time 4 Learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – perfect for those time when you still want to do some school but aren’t at home due to vacation, field trip for a young sibling that the older one is too old for or a hospital stay – the possibilities are endless!

The student can access their portfolio which allows them to see what work they’ve completed, assignments that need completed, and reports – which are great to print and include in their portfolios if your state requires that.  The toolkit is a really useful feature that I hadn’t seen before and it’s for honors algebra and math – and the student can chose geoboard, counters, base ten blocks, calculator, fraction strips and more to use for help in completing their math.  I’ve set my daughter’s account up that if she works for 15 minutes on a lesson or lessons she can have 15 minutes playing on the playground, if it were one of my other children I would not let them play as long after such a short amount of time doing lessons.  I like that Time 4 Learning gives my daughter the freedom to do her lessons how she wants but that I can control lesson time and playground time.

I prefer to use Time 4 Learning as a supplemental program, allowing my daughter to use it when she wants to fill in down time while I do school with the other two or to brush up on a particular area.  She and I both noticed that what passed for 6 grade math were items she did in her 5th grade math curriculum so I am able to go into my parent’s account and change her grade level from 6th to 7th which will give her some new math.  The parent’s account will also let you view lesson plans scope and sequence so you’ll know what the student will be doing during all subjects and what is contained in all lessons.  You can also access spelling word lists for each grade, reading lists, science supplies needed and more in the parents resource area.  There is also a parent forum available where you can communicate with others using the program and site administrators.

My daughter working on a portion of Time 4 Learning.

While we chose to use Time 4 Learning as a supplemental program, there are times when I don’t feel up to doing school and I know my oldest can log on to her account and get some school in and I feel comfortable knowing she is learning.  I must also note that this is not a Christian curricula so there may be some things that come up – there is a wizard in the story regarding the sun, moon, and stars under science – that some families may not want to overlook.  With my oldest this wasn’t an issue as she is well grounded and can easily overlook items like that.  While some families do use Time 4 Learning as their sole curricula, the company does want you to be aware of your homeschool laws in your state.  Another feature my daughter enjoys is the art, which she now has access too, the art becomes available once the child has been a member for 30 days.

I truly believe this is a great program to use whether as supplemental or even as a sole curricula for those times in life when using regular textbooks or other approaches simply aren’t an option.  For grades pre-k through 8th it is $19.95 per month for the first student and $14.95 for each additional student, the high-school level is $30.00 per student for four courses and $5 for each additional course, there is no discount for an additional high-school student.  This is a program that can work for just about any student, visual, tactile, auditory, gifted, special needs and more and if you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


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  1. I loved being able to have my boys do their lessons on those days when I wasn’t feeling like “teaching” all day! I have two boys five years apart so there were many days when we had a FULL day of lessons and Time4learning helped me keep both of them on track! We used it for our core curriculum and then supplemented with child led interest unit studies. I think we did one on dinosaurs because they both love them, and I also do a ton of literature based lessons with our favorite books. AND WE LOVED the ART Program!! Even taught their artist dad a couple of things:) thanks for the great review!

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