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Kregel Tour: Death on Lindisfarne (The Aidan Mysteries) by Fay Sampson #grow4christ

on September 9, 2013

About the Book: Twice each day the holy island of Lindisfarne is cut off from the mainland by the incoming tide. Slight and ginger-bearded, Aidan the photographer and accidental sleuth brings his inquisitive eight-year-old daughter Melangell to the retreat centre on Lindisfarne. There they meet Lucy, a young Methodist minister with a painful past, who is running a course on Northumbrian saints. When one of the course members is found dead on the beach, suspicion falls on one guest, then another. Or could the tides have allowed a murderer to come from the mainland? Then someone from Lucy’s previous life makes a most unwelcome appearance… –

My Opinion:

I read The Hunted Hare which is book 1 in The Aidan Mysteries series last year and if you remember it was a book I both liked and disliked – with Death on Lindisfarne it was completely different.  I liked following Aidan and his daughter Melangell to the island of Lindisfarne, which I’ve read of in other books and enjoy reading to know more about this famed island which is cut off from the mainland each day.  This book takes place 6 months after Aidan loses his wife, which is why they were on holiday in The Hunted Hare so that they could have one last family vacation before she succumbed to her cancer – Aidan is still caught up in the grief of losing his wife but hates all the pitiful looks he gets as many assume he’s a divorced, single father.

The elderly couple in the book, the Cavendishes (if I’ve misspelled their name I apologize), really rubbed me the wrong way from the get go and I found it somewhat odd that no one, including Aidan who left Melangell in their care a couple of times, picked up on the odd behavior until the very end.  I don’t want to give away the whole story and spoil it for everyone else but suffice to say it ended unlike I thought it would but at the same time the suspects were who I thought they were.  There were a couple cuss words in this book, however they came from the ‘bad’ character and therefore I was a bit more able to overlook them and it wasn’t taking the Lord’s name in vain – but my other issue from book 1, was non-extant in this one.

Reverend Lucy was quite a bit more liberal in her approaches to life – such as being a female ordained minister in the Methodist church and also seeming to lean toward other liberal areas whereas the other Pastor who was there for the teaching was made out to be hard hearted and mean in how he dealt with women (because he believed in the Bible’s teaching of women and pastorates) as well as other conservative leanings – it seems there were some biases to these two characters in how each was made to be perceived by the reader.  Regardless I truly enjoyed this book in the series and spent just one day reading – I look forward to book 3, hopefully in the near future.


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