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Worthy Publishing: Duo blog tour and review #grow4christ

on September 10, 2013

About The Power of An Ordinary Prayer: A touching gift book that helps readers understand the power and beauty of prayer and how it can transform our hearts, so that we can be a catalyst for transformation in others. Many of us seek to be blessed more than we seek to bless others. It’s our heart aligned with the heart of God that brings blessing, because He is by nature extravagantly generous and loves giving gifts. No matter where readers are on their journey with God, they will be motivated and inspired to open their hearts and discover the abundant joy and peace that can be theirs through the power of a simple prayer of blessing.


 photo book-LG-he-knows-your-name_zps3fedfb8f.pngAbout He Knows Your Name

Beth Moore joins her dear friend Travis Cottrell in showing you how to fully experience God’s presence at surprising times and places in your own life.
According to Cottrell, God’s goodness is predictable. His mercy is dependable. His ability to work in every moment of every reader’s life, leading them to him, is unfailing. But often in those moments, even the most devout are distracted by great distress, failing to see or acknowledge God’s presence and provision. Cottrell reminds readers that God is the hope, strength and deliverance we desperately need. In every circumstance, especially those moments when we least expect it, God’s voice can be heard and his presence discerned. He Knows Your Name is a beautiful, 2-color gift book sure to be treasured.

My Opinion:

Both of these books are excellent – they have some great inspiration from men who are well known in Christian circles – Michael W. Smith and Travis Cottrell (friends of Beth Moore).  These would be great for gift giving and with Christmas fast approaching I’m sure someone in your circle would benefit from these books.  The Power of an Ordinary Prayer encourages you to pray blessings over those in your life as you and they receive the “blessings of a loving and generous God”. The chapters are short but big on inspiration and lots of Scripture quotes and areas to journal your thoughts and reflections and prayers if you chose to do so.  Quotes from other godly Christians such as Mother Teresa, William Barclay, and Charles Spurgeon and the sepia toned pages all give the book a timeless, classic feel.

In He Knows Your Name: Surprised by God When You Least Expect It you’ll find inspiration for those moments when the future looks dark and bleak, for those times you lay awake at night wondering, or just when you need to realize that there is Hope and He knows your name.  Like the other book this one also has short chapters and with both of them I read them straight through in a short period of time – but it too is big on inspiration and hope, with lots of Scripture throughout as well as quotes from more godly Christians like Martin Luther King, Jr, William Temple and Elisabeth Elliot.  Also has spaces and questions with lines to focus and reflect on the readings so you can make full use of what was discussed.

Both are beautiful hard covered books that look beautiful next to your Bible, in your Bible study basket or on your side table.  I especially like the He Knows Your Name as the cover is blue with a beautiful bird but both are so pretty you’ll feel wonderful as you read through it and glean from the writings contained within.  Both sell for $14.99 on the Worthy Publishing website and that is a great price for these books (clicking on the images above will take you to the Worthy Publishing site).

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