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Another Zoo field trip #grow4christ

on September 14, 2013

On September 6th, I met a large group of homeschoolers from all over Ohio to meet at the Zoo and it was a great turn out.  I had over 125 people signed up to come – it was the largest field trip I have organized to date but it went well.

Just a partial view of the group for the zoo field trip.

After I paid for us as a group we could enter and go on our ways, with a group this large keeping us all together would not have been in our best interests.  We have a zoo pass so we had planned on going on the Dinosaur Island ride while there this time and it was fun but not as educational as I was expecting – except that there were lots of millions of years theory – that of course we completely overlooked and ignored.

Well, keep scrolling down to see more pictures from our field trip…..

Group shot!

Run!!!! It’s T-Rex!!!!!

My son on the display golf cart for the Dinosaur Island ride.

Hannah feeding the lorikeets – the one really liked to use her beak to climb up her shirt.

 photo 100_0921_zps05865d22.jpg

Christian holding his lorikeet food.

Bethanne feeding her lorikeet.

Lorikeets love to land on people’s heads.

The can get a good grip on a buzzed hair cut.

They even liked my hubby – we teased him that it was because his outfit resembled their natural environment.

The manatee and I managed to not get a glare.

There are many more pictures but these were the ones I really wanted to share.  We had a great time.  The only thing that really detracted from the trip was the two women who decided my children couldn’t read the sign or were in someway hard of hearing in the lorikeet area about only opening 1 door at a time and they began yelling at us to not enter – I kept telling them we weren’t opening it but they continued to yell at us.  Eventually, I said yes, we can all read the sign can you please go in so we can enter.  It was crazy really.   We even made it back home in time for my oldest to make it to her first dance class of this school year.


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