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Crew Review: PeopleKeys – The Children’s Profile #hsreviews #grow4christ

on September 14, 2013

You’re probably thinking PeopleWhat?  That was me as well a couple weeks ago – PeopleKeys is truly an innovative way to increase a person’s understanding of who and what they are as well as how others can relate to them.  I was given the Children’s Profile which is to be used with ages 9 to 14 year old children and is a short 25 page booklet that most children can complete on their own.  This is an introduction to personality for the child using the DISC Personality Style, written in their language to help them understand “who they are and why they, and others, think and act the way they do.”

The short DISC test is self scoring, so it makes it easy to use for both the child and the parent as well as easy to understand the results.  The result is to help children be better able to get along with their parents, siblings, friends and others they come into contact with.  It can be used with great success in the homeschool environment so that parents can better relate to and adjust their teaching style to their children as well as aiding siblings in getting along with each other by respecting the others personality.  I used this with my 11 1/2 year old daughter during the review period and I’d like to do it again with my soon to be 9 year old and 7 year old when he gets a little older.

I sat down and did this with my daughter so I would know how to describe it for the review and it was really very simple – if it wasn’t for needing to review it – my oldest could have successfully completed this completely on her own.  There are four basic personality styles: Determined, Influencing, Steadfast and Conscientious.  I have to say I was very excited and interested to see what this had to say about my oldest daughter’s personality, although she found it “stupid” but I think that stemmed from the fact it really did nail her on her personality and she isn’t one to be backed into a box.  The child first reads a statement like “When upset, I” and then under each style (D,I,S,C) they chose the one word that fits them like “get angry, pout, become sad or am quiet.  There are 20 of these statements and then each row gets totaled up, constituting the 2nd step.  The third step is to create your graph but looking at your totals and circling the total of each personality which then leads to the fourth step which is finding your style.

My oldest who had the most C answers at 6 didn’t get to find her style blend as the rest of her answers fell below the midline when she created her graph.  Some children, like my son, will probably have two styles, with one being dominant.  As I said we found out that our oldest is a C style which is conscientious – and as I flipped to the back to learn more about her style it was easy to see that this is definitely her style as she is very organized, neat, creative, sensitive, respects rules, quiet, and more.  I’m not saying she has all the traits of that style but it is overwhelming very accurate in describing her.  After finding your child’s style there are sections devoted to each that tell what that style is bothered by, motivated, how they act with others, at school, how to help them grow and how to grow together.

Included is also how to understand each style, how each style works with an adult style, which means if you know what your style is then it will help you better understand how to understand your child’s style if your style somehow is opposite or like their style.  There are also tips for interacting with each style, to think about other people that share their style and can look up to, as well as action plans to get along with others like siblings or parents.  I didn’t think the at school would pertain to our life as we homeschool but it was quickly apparent that my daughter’s style means she likes to work alone, asks lots of questions and others – again fitting her to a ‘T’.  I’m hoping that if I put this information to work for us that it will be easier for me to relate to all my children within their style and make life smoother for us all.  The Children’s Profile can be purchased for $15 and the information it gives parents is invaluable.

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