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Booksneeze Review: She’s Twelve Going on Twenty by Kim Camp #grow4christ

on September 16, 2013

Booksnees review of She's 12 going on 20 at Growing for Christ About the Book: Especially for moms of teens and preteens, a practical, Christ-centered guide to helping your daughter grow in mind, body, and spirit.

As the mother of a young girl aged 9 to 16, you want a lot for your daughter. You want to see her soar in self-confidence and accomplishment, to navigate a safe course through the treacherous waters of school, culture, and hormones, and to grow closer to God while learning to rely on his Word. And through it all to maintain a warm, open mother-daughter relationship.

She’s Twelve Going on Twenty offers a comprehensive, Christian approach to issues almost every mother and daughter will encounter:

Identity and faith
Music, movies, TV, and the Internet
Boys and falling in love, sex and purity
School and grades
Drugs and alcohol
Clothes, fads, appearance, and body language
Boundaries and personal safety

Easy-to-read and deeply personal, this invaluable book draws on a wealth of experience, careful research, and a deep grounding in the Bible and Christian faith. “Working It Out Together”at the end of each chapter provides communication starters and activities to help you and your daughter talk things out and plot a positive course together for the challenging but exciting adolescent years.

My Opinion:

I’m always on the look out for a book that will give me ideas on making the raising of my daughter’s easier and more godly.  I have an 11 1/2 and an almost 8 year old and they are both so different from one another, it’s hard some days to know what one needs and the other doesn’t.  So that is why I grabbed She’s Twelve Going on Twenty by Kim Camp, she has five daughters of her own and so she knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t in raising girls who love the Lord.  Geared for moms of tweens (I really don’t like that term but I digress) and teen girls the one thing that will come in handy for using this book and make it meaningful is getting a journal that both you and your daughter will share – if you have two daughter’s get two journals so they can both feel there thoughts are not being shared.

As with any book, I don’t take everything I read and take is as the absolute authority, the only absolute authority is God’s Holy Word, so there were some things that I didn’t quite agree with but those things were easily overlooked but Kim uses much Scripture throughout the book so most everything she writes about is backed up with Scripture.  My main disagreements are that girls will want to experiment with alcohol, drugs, sex, etc and that may be true for girls who are constantly bombarded with these things in school or in Sunday school (yes, moms, trust me from first hand experience not all Sunday schools or youth groups in church are as innocent as they appear), however, being homeschool does change the dynamics quite a bit – although I’m not naive enough to think my girls will never be tempted but I do know that I’m raising them without the interference of those who think such experimentation is okay. Oh, and in the area for diet and exercise she does utilize the my plate and other usual ideas for the SAD (Standard American Diet), and that I can’t recommend.

At the end of each chapter is an area called, “Moms and Daughters: Working it out Together”, which is where the journal comes in because you’ll both be using the journal about your questions, faith, and most of all if you are working on building your relationship they can have a safe way to express what is going on in their life without thinking you’ll lecture them or have them feel unsafe.  My almost 9 year old is excited about doing this with me, my 11 1/2 year old not so much, so I’m on the lookout to get a beautiful journal for us to share and work through the working it out together in our journal.

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