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Wednesday Hodgepodge – September 18, 2013 #grow4christ

on September 18, 2013

I’m linking up again with Wednesday Hodgepodge because I’ll be doing a post tomorrow about our trip to a local historical park.

1. When did you last sing happy birthday to someone? When were you last sung to? Does that embarrass you or do you enjoy being the center of attention on your special day?

We sang it to my FIL but we’ll be singing it on the 29th again for my daughter’s birthday.  I have no idea, honestly I don’t like the whole birthday song but I also don’t relish being in the limelight either.

2. Name a famous or ‘infamous’ person who shares your birth month and day. Is that someone you’d like to meet in person if it were possible?

Well the ones I could find are:  Roger Federer, Meagan Good, Dustin Hoffman, Bradley McIntosh and Connie Stevens and since Dustin Hoffman is the only one I’ve ever heard of and still don’t know that much about but I don’t think I’d want him around my children?  The movies I’ve seen him in aren’t family friendly. 

Since I’m a history buff I went in search of another person who shares my birthday and while this person is dead I think it’d be neat to hear his tales of adventures of traveling with Matthew Peary as the first people to reach the North Pole in 1909 – Matthew Henson.

3. Someone hands you a box tied up in a lovely bow…what are you hoping to find inside?

Hmm…not sure there really isn’t much I need although I would like a new sewing machine so that would be nice but so would money that I could use towards funding either an adoption or mission trip or both.

4. What is something you can guarantee about yourself?

I can guarantee I’m a Christian – I will follow Christ till the end of my days.

5. Talking about art and beautiful cities here…’The Last Supper’ in the Santa Maria della Grazie Abbey in Milan, Italy or ‘The Mona Lisa’ in the Louvre, Paris…which would you most like to see up close and in person?  Why?

Well, not sure because I have no desire to see Italy or Paris and I’ve seen replicas in books and such – I know the real art lover will say a replica isn’t good enough – it is for this person.  If I had to chose one of the above it’d be The Last Supper – because I feel such a connection of the sacrifice of Christ and His fellowship with the disciples before His death that just overpowers me with the majestic-ness of this piece of art.  However, I’d rather see some of art in Germany or Ireland – those are on my list of places to see.

6. Your favorite dessert?

I like an iced capp from Tim Horton’s but also anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

7. This coming weekend marks the official start of autumn (in the northern hemisphere)…what is something you do to get ready for fall?  What is one thing you’re looking forward to on your fall calendar?  Spring or fall-which do you prefer?

I don’t do anything to get ready for fall – honestly all the ghastly decorations and costumes creep me out – which is bad since my husband likes them.  Usually I look forward to all the festivals that occur in our area in the fall but this year it’s going to be harder to make those so I’m just going to enjoy getting out in the cooler temps that I can finally enjoy.  I’m definitely a fall weather person – I like spring and all the flowers but spring here has been so hot and humid so fast it’s not enjoyable for me.  I love fall’s colors, smell and temps.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

These are some pictures of two of my children I took a couple weeks ago but haven’t found a way to incorporate them into another post so I’m posting them here.  Enjoy!

It’s a bit grainy, sorry about that – but we were doing something with those googly eyes and she got the bright idea to do this – we were all laughing…..

My son thought it was a great idea as well, not sure which one looks scarier – but he is missing a tooth so I think he wins???















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  1. jodaley says:

    The pictures are fun. You can do so many creative and fun things with all the photo apps and programs now. Enjoy your day!

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