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Random 5 on Friday – 9/20/13 #grow4christ

on September 20, 2013
The Pebble Pond

Like The Pebble Pond – my brain needs a reset – I feel so tired and drained with all that has been going on.

1.  We visited Carillon Historical Park and Sunwatch Indian Village on Tuesday which proved to be a lot of fun and quite educational.

2.  We took this week off of school, which was a blessing since we had quite a bit going on with helping my mom out, our field trip, and some other going-ons.

3.  Today all three of my children have dentist appointments in the afternoon and hubby can’t take time off so it’ll be fun to go by myself.  Praying they all get a clean dental health bill but since my son seems to have lost a filling and it looks like he’s got another cavity I’m not holding breath.

4.  I still have quite a bit of reviews to catch up on  but it’s slowly slowing down, which I appreciate it because it’ll mean less time writing reviews while my daughter is in the hospital next month and more time spent focusing on her.

5.  I have a laptop!  I’ve been wanting one ever since our last one bit the dust about 3 years ago.  It isn’t really a want but more of a need – now I can have one child on the desktop doing their Teaching Textbooks math while the other one can do it on the laptop and when Christian starts using that mat next year it will make things easier.  Not to mention that my oldest needs to start doing more research stuff for her school so while we are in the living room doing stuff she can be in her room or the kitchen doing her work.  I was able to purchase the laptop and a new printer (our old one quit printing and we didn’t have a warranty, our new one now has an extended warranty) due to a very generous gift from my mom.

an extra one – 6.  My mom bought herself a new car so she gave us her Santa Fe which has air conditioning.  Did you read that????  It has air conditioning – our van has been without air for about 5 or 6 years and with the steamy summers we get I can’t usually go anywhere unless the 5 of us pile into my hubby’s tiny Nissan Sentra (yeah, we get lots of looks with that one – we joke it’s like a clown car when we get out).  So we now have a vehicle that come next summer is going to benefit us all!

I don’t have any pictures to share this week, but you can check my linked post from #1 if you want to read my post about our travels into the past – it has a lot of pictures.  Have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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  1. April says:

    Don’t you love that you can take a week off when you need to? I love homeschooling!!!

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