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Book Review: Early Morning Revival Challenge by Mrs. Sharon White #grow4christ

on September 25, 2013

About the Book:

Inspired by the life, writings, and journals of John Wesley (1700’s), the author has created a 90 – day Bible study challenge. . . The program consists of four, easy to follow, daily assignments. Readers are expected to rise earlier in the morning than normal; Spend 20 minutes in prayer, Bible reading, writing in a journal, and reading quotes from Ministers from long ago. . . The study is simple to follow, but will take a tremendous amount of discipline to stay consistent to the very end. . . If you are up for a challenge and ready for a revival, this book is just what you need! . . . . .

You can purchase Early Morning Revival Challenge: 90 Day Bible Study (With Journaling, Prayer, Reading Psalms and Proverbs, and Quotes from Ministers.) on Amazon.

My Opinion:

This little book is only 72 pages and while you may be thinking what can 72 pages do for me?  It can’t really cause a revival in my prayer and Bible reading life?  Now I’m going to tell you it can – if you dedicate yourself to a revival in your life and commit to it then yes, this 72 page book could very well change your life – or at least make it better.  Having read the preface of the book made me a little jealous of Mrs. White library and long history of godly influences in her life – but I also realize that I need to set a godly example for my children so they can have a legacy like Mrs. White and that is where this book comes into play.  As you begin this study you are entering into a commitment with not only yourself but with the Lord as you seek Him daily through quotes from pastors, reading of His words, journal writing and praying.

Mrs. White’s instructions are simple, wake up 30 to 60 minutes before you normally would (yes, this may be very hard for us busy moms who need our sleep but think of the Lord who prayed all night before His crucifixion) and to dedicate spending 20 minutes doing the daily challenge, each day, for 90 days.  You’ll need a Bible (any version you like, although it’s my opinion to have an actual translation not a paraphrase), a journal which could be as simple as a notebook or as beautiful as a real journal from the bookstore – and don’t miss a day, it’s amazing how great one can feel after spending time with the Lord whether you’re sick or just feeling down!

I love the spaces that give ample area to write the date and time, and areas to check off each part of the challenge to read the quote, to pray, read the Scripture passage and to write in your journal.  Each day is numbered Day 1 through Day 90 for ease of finding where you’re at and keeping track of your progress through the 90 days.  I truly am going to keep going with this challenge and hopefully even go through it again and again – especially since it’s so nice to be able to get my prayer and Bible study time in even though I’m a busy, homeschool mom, just like Mrs. White is.  The whole thing has an old fashioned, down home feel to it just like Mrs. Sharon White’s blog at The Legacy of Home – it’s a good way to bring the calmness of a time gone by and modern study together.

You may use the link below, by clicking on the image to purchase your own copy of Early Morning Revival Challenge.

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