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Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky by Dr. Jason Lisle

on October 3, 2013

About the Book:

Explore the night sky, identify stars, constellations, and even planets. Stargaze with a telescope, binoculars, or even your naked eye.  Allow Dr. Jason Lisle, a research scientist with a masters and PhD in astrophysics, to guide you in examining the beauty of God’s Creation.

Lisle designed Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky for everyone from young students to amateur astronomers. In it you will:

  • Learn the best ways and optimal times to observe planets and stars
  • Discover how to choose the best telescope for you
  • Find 150 stunning, full-color star-charts and other easy to use illustrations for success

“How do phases of the moon work?  When will the next solar eclipse take place?  What is that bright star setting in the west?  How do I find Saturn?  What sorts of objects can be seen with binoculars?”  These questions and many more are easily answered with the helpful tips and basic understanding of astronomy presented in this book.

Create or expand the hobby of stargazing; an outdoor, educational hobby to enjoy with friends or family. Regardless of your circumstances and the economy, you will always be able to marvel at the beauty of our night sky.

You can buy the book at New Leaf Publishing.

Find out about Dr. Jason Lisle at New Leaf Publishing author’s page or at The Institute for Creation Research.


My Opinion:


As always Master Books has another great resource for those who want to know or teach their children the beauty of God’s night sky using creation from the Bible and with beautiful imagery and text.  You don’t have to be an astronomer or even know all the constellations to enjoy the beauty and majesty that is the heavens of the night sky – looking up into it and seeing all the stars and the moon and even the occasional planet makes one imagination come alive.  If you’re studying astronomy, getting ready to or just have an interest in it then The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky is just the resource you’ll want to have on hand, great for the beginner or the advanced ‘stargazer’.  There are twelve chapters everything from motion in the sky for basic and advanced people, celestial events to astrophotography, and more including an introduction, and afterword and an index will make this well worth the investment.


The pictures are beautiful and stunning through the whole book, I can only imagine what it would look like if I had a physical copy over the electronic format of the book.  I really enjoyed the first chapter which is the “motions in the sky – basic” because it gave me a way to use a quick method for measurements while star gazing – you know those charts that use degrees to tell you how to find a star, constellation or planet?  Using certain fingers and hand measurements will give you and idea of the degree measurements, which will not make it much easier to find those celestial events that we usually miss out on because we can’t find the correct degree.


The amount of information in this book could easily launch you or your child into an in depth study of astronomy.  Written from a creation viewpoint and distinctly Christian there won’t be things you’ll have to omit or research more information because it’s all there for you – I wish I had had this book when we studied astronomy a few years back, but now that I do I will add it back in when we study the stars again.


**I was given an e-copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing in exchange for my honest review, no other compensation was given.


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