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Crew Review: Fundanoodle: I Can Write Cursive #hsreviews #grow4christ

on October 6, 2013

In most schools today cursive and the teaching of how to write it are falling away and even being done with completely, which is unfortunate for our children.  It used to be that children would only write in cursive and then learn print in school, then it switched until now cursive is no longer thought of as a necessity.  That is why I’m happy to tell my readers about the company Fundanoodle which makes some very high quality curricula in a wide array of areas for math, writing and other areas for ages 3 years old and up.  I chose and was given Purple: I Can Write Cursive book to use with my 9 year old (she was 8 at the time we received this and began to use it) as I hadn’t really focused on cursive with her yet.

The book is a 70 page spiral bound book with pages that measure 9 inches by 12 inches and are thick, durable paper that put up to a lot of mistakes and erasing and so on.  This is geared for ages 7 and up or those in 2nd grade and up but as my readers know I can tweak things and this was useful and will continue to be used by my 9 year old daughter to learn how to write cursive.  Max and Alphie, two characters from Fundanoodle will guide the child along in their lessons as well as giving the child some interesting facts and trivia along the way.  For easy removal the pages are perforated, this is great if you’d like to hang them up as posters or to free up clutter of completed lessons – my daughter and I preferred to leave the pages in.

After learning the lowercase letters they’ll learn their uppercase letters and then begin to put it all together into words and sentences.  Max guides the child in how to form and make the letter, while Alphie gives the fun facts and trivia.  After the child writes the letter several times by tracing, they then write it on their own and then evaluate their best letter – you can have them circle it, star it, put a sticker on it, or however they’d like to recognize their best letter – after that they’ll join some letters to either just join letters or to actually make words.  As they learn their uppercase letters that is when they begin to write sentences all in cursive using what they’ve learned about joining letters, upper and lower case and putting it all together.

I love that it progresses fast enough to keep a child’s attention but slow enough to make sure that they grasp the concepts and actually learn them before moving on.  There is no schedule so I just followed my daughter’s pace of how she wanted to complete some days she wanted to do two pages and others just one – it’s quite laid back in how you want to make it work for you and your child.  There are certain features built in to this program like muscle movers that aid in fine and gross motor movements, visual motor which aids in the eye and hand cooperation, sensory as it encourages touch and visual learning, and brain builders which encourages problem solving, finding and confidence.  I’m grateful for a fun way to teach cursive to my daughter so that we can make her writing look more legible and make her assignments go faster.  This book sells for $8.99 and depending on how you schedule the lessons could be used for a year’s worth of cursive curricula.

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