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Cladach Publishing Tour (review): Unwrapping Wonder: Finding Hope in the Gift of Nature by Carol O’Casey #grow4christ

on October 16, 2013

About the book:

Heeding technology’s cry to “get connected” can result in overloaded circuits of the mind. Frenetic connections can cause frazzled lives.

Step outside to cultivate a connection with creation and deepen your relationship with the Creator.

Unwrapping Wonder offers a delightful mix of natural history, human story, and God’s glory. Each chapter “unwraps” one object of nature such as the barnacle, the honey bee, the tiniest seed. As readers peer within these gifts, they discover more of nature, God, and themselves.

This book is for individuals, families and groups who enjoy learning about creation and getting to know the Creator better through the wonders he has made, and those looking for hope in a hectic world. It will help restore the reader’s soul.

Each chapter includes:

  • The Wonder Introduced – through anecdote, natural history, or life story.
  • The Wonder Unwrapped – minute hidden details revealed and explained in everyday terms.
  • The Wonder Applied – Practical, spiritual lessons for daily living.
  • Promise of Hope: Relevant Scripture to inspire hope.
  • “Wondercise”: A short, hands-on nature activity designed to awaken heart, mind and soul to the wonder of creation and give praise to the Creator.

My Opinion:

Okay, I’ll admit I was a little worried as I began this book since I got to thinking it might be along the lines of an Old Earth Creationist view or a environmentalist slant, but I was so happy that neither came through in this book.  Don’t get me wrong I believe we as Christians should and are called to care for the earth but not in the far out ways that those who tout global warming and other nonsense espouse.  I love nature – I’m not the I-love-to-get-dirty-nature-girl but I do like to watch sunsets, rejoice in the changing colors of fall foliage, even the musty smell of the earth as life springs forth each spring, so reading Unwrapping Wonder is not a far stretch for me.  I truly believe that God gave us nature so that we can see Him and connect with Him in ways that are tangible – what better way through the colors of a butterfly’s wing or the frog in the pond?

Sometimes it felt as if I were reading a science book, that was more engaging than a science text, but still full of facts (and even a lot of what I’ve covered with my own children in our home school) that sometimes had me lose focus but the author does a good job in writing what she knows and combining that with God’s nature.  As you can see from above and what’s included in the book – it’s not meant to be a read once book and forget it – it’s meant to be savored so that both the science behind nature and Scripture come together whether it’s about battling depression or just needing strength to get through another day it’s here and I really enjoyed how Scripture and science/nature are woven together to truly “find hope in the gift of nature” – science and Scripture don’t have to exist separately, they can exist together so that they both beautifully work together like the Lord intended.

If you’re tired of the same old devotions or need a bit more detail in your daily life then this is definitely the devotion for you – however, don’t make it a nightly devotion – make sure it’s one you can do during daylight hours while your brain is fully engaged!  There were some Wondercise’s I couldn’t or wouldn’t do just because of time or money (I can’t just pick up and travel to the beach) but all of them are designed to draw you closer to God’s Creation and His Holy Word.  I truly enjoyed this devotional and I can think of several of my close friends who would also enjoy something like this during their Bible study time.

You can enter to win a copy on the Cladach blog.


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