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FlyBy Promotions Review: Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith #grow4christ #giveaway

on November 1, 2013

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About the Book:

Publisher: B&H Publishing
Hardcover with jacket: 32 pages
Release Date: October 1, 2013

From best-selling women’s author Angie Smith (I Will Carry You, Mended) comes this sweet children’s book about a stuffed animal named Audrey Bunny who fears her imperfections make her unworthy of a little girl’s love. She’ll learn the truth soon enough, and young readers will learn that everyone is special and wonderfully made by God.

My Opinion:

Do you have a blemish?  A scar? Something on your body or in your body that you think makes you unlovable?  Don’t we all.  Your scar may be a birth ‘defect’, a surgical scar that runs down your back, an emotional scar that isn’t obvious to those of us on the outside.  I think children, especially in today’s world, obsess over their bodies and things others might see as making us unavailable to love.  Enter the bunny, the one no one wants at the bottom of the toy barrel – a bunny that has a spot – a spot that makes it unwanted, unloved and alone in the barrel.  When a young girl comes in on her birthday she picks out the bunny and the bunny ‘feels’ the need to cover her spot even after the girl gives her a name, Audrey, and shows her unconditional love.

The little girl represents God and His love for us – each spot, each blemish, each ‘defect’ – He loves us unconditionally, He made us with our spots and thankfully He can wash the spots away that count, those sins.  I enjoyed the end when Audrey Bunny finally realized the girls’ love for her and that she had wasted all that time hiding from someone who loved her and that spot never mattered to the girl, just that the bunny was a bunny.  At the end is a parent connection that allows the parent to use Scripture to guide their children through some exercises to really drive the lesson learned in the book home.  Beautifully illustrated, it somewhat reminded me of the illustrations in The Velveteen Rabbit, children of all ages will enjoy it and it’s never too late or early to start teaching children of God’s love.

You may enter to win a copy of Audrey Bunny for your bookshelf by using: a Rafflecopter giveaway

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