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Blogging Through the Alphabet: C, D, and E #grow4christ #abcblogging

on November 8, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet

So my intent was good – to blog while in the hospital and stay up to date with my Blogging through the Alphabet but alas that didn’t happen because things didn’t go as I, my daughter or the doctors planned and so I’m playing catch up.  And since I’m catching up I don’t have a fancy graphic this week, sorry.

C is for Chest Tubes

We knew there could be complications – we knew that death, paralysis and even blindness could occur but we hadn’t given thought to the more minor complications that could happen with the extent of my daughter’s surgery.  Of course when one is laying on their stomach for 5+ hours, pumped full of fluids, losing blood, getting blood, and anesthia well anything could happen.  Her first night she did wonderful but then came the words

“she has fluid building up in her chest cavity.”

some words a parent never wants to hear, and these are one of them – of course it’s much better than any of the other complications that could have happened.  Of course, coming from a family where mom is an ANP, dad is an RN and brother is a D.O and having tended to read my mom’s nursing journals growing up – well let’s say a lot of things goes through one’s head – worries of pneumonia, collapsed lungs, puncturing the lung with the tube, and on and on…..

Fortunately, she had good doctors, nurses and surgeons and you can read more by visiting my page titled, Hannah’s Scoliosis Journey and scrolling down to the posts about her surgery – but it’s quite un-nerving to see a tube coming from your daughter’s side where blood and fluid are being sucked out.  I can safely assure you I don’t want anymore experiences with chest tubes – ever.

D is for Discussion

Okay this one has to do with our recent hospital stay as well – discuss.  I cannot stress this enough – discuss EVERYTHING with every single nurse and doctor and respiratory and PT that comes through your door.  I wanted to scream while at the hospital because there was no discussion taking place, not on my end, mind you – I was driving the doctors and nurses nuts by constantly repeating myself – the nurses understood and did their best, the doctors not so much.

One doctor, the head anesthesiologist had no idea – NONE – that my daughter had a chest tube in when he came into the room and started messing with her.  Thankfully, my husband was there while I ran to the cafeteria, so he informed him.  It was like none of the doctors were discussing anything with the other one – and that is huge since there were so many doctors, surgeons and residents involved with her care.

So I made sure to repeat everything, if I told doctor 1 this, then I told doctor 2 and 3 the same thing when they came in.  I started documenting what I told them – so that if they did come back and say “oh you never said that” I could at least say yes I did – not that my notes would be sufficient for them.  And when I get our survey I will be stressing that the hospital does a better job in having all involved in a patient’s care to be discussing with one another!

E is for Exercise

Okay, I haven’t done this for weeks.  Confession.  I hate it.  I miss exercising – is there anything that you’ve done to get out of a slump and get back to the de-stressor of exercising.  I can tell it’s really hurt me as if I had been the lifting and turning of my daughter in the hospital would not have taken the toll that it did on my back.

I’m tired all the time again.

My ankles are always swollen….again.

I’m craving things I didn’t crave when I was exercising…..again.

I’m more stressed, angry and foggy minded….again.

Those things alone and the weight gain should be enough to get me back to the grind stone but I’m in such a fog – we haven’t even started school yet again so it’s been 3 weeks of no ‘real’ school.  If you can let me know how you get out of a slump like this I’d appreciate it – I really want to be up to doing another 5K or even 10K by spring 2014.

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