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Cladach Publishing: (Audio Book Review) THE DANGEROUS JOURNEY OF SHERMAN THE SHEEP: An Allegory for Kids by Dean Davis #grow4christ

on November 12, 2013

About the Audio Book:

Sherman, a young ram in the Good Shepherd’s flock, longs for adventure and acceptance by his peers. Heedless of his father’s warnings, Sherman heads up the mysterious mountain only to encounter strange new enticements and dangers on its slopes. Like “Pilgrim’s Progress,” this exciting allegory chronicles a young soul’s awakening.

For youth striving to discover their own beliefs and values, the adventure of Sherman and his friends is an unforgettable journey to God’s Country!

An excellent recording for a young child to listen to, or for a family, class, or small group.

You can enter to win your choice of three Audio Books at Cladach’s website.

It can be purchased at Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and on CD from the Publisher.

My Opinion:

I enjoy having audio versions of books for my children and I to listen to while driving or doing chores around the house, or even just to listen to in lieu of watching television and I have to say that The Dangerous Journey of Sherman The Sheep fits the bill for all of the above.  Written by Dean Davis and read by Katie Leigh you and your children will be swept up in the telling of the tale of Sherman who must learn the hard way what the Shepherd wants for him and his life.  That’s usually the way of things though – that sometimes we just don’t listen and make life harder on ourselves and even those around us.  Children will be able to relate to Sherman, a young sheep, who doesn’t want to listen to dad and who wants to have lots of friends even if they are the wrong friends, because he’s young and wants to have fun.

Katie Leigh’s voice sort of lulls one into a quiet repose as they listen to her reading the story, and it works to calm the nerves of children who may otherwise be running wild around the house.  I found my children got pulled into the story and really enjoyed listening to it, even though there aren’t any sound effects or even many voice changes like they are used to in some audio dramas/books.  It runs 2 hours and 48 minutes but you don’t have to listen all at once because you can add bookmarks to where you leave off so you can pick up where you left off – making it great if you have to attend to something and need to stop listening.  Younger children may not quite grasp the allegorical aspect of the story, but it’s never to early to start talking to them about God’s Ways and following Him and this is great way to start doing that in a way that everyone relates to – story telling.


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