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Nordskog Publishing Review: Brave Boys of Derry or No Surrender by W.S. Martin #grow4christ

on November 12, 2013

BBD_CoverAbout the Book (from the Nordskog site):

The Brave Boys of Derry is a true historical narrative of how courageous young apprentices helped save their besieged Protestant town of Londonderry in 1689.

“Inside the city all was stir and bustle; the action of the apprentice lads had been like a spark to a barrel of gunpowder. The whole city was up. The gauntlet had been thrown down, and it was now to be a fight.” P. 15

“But one of the greatest dangers was that some of the inhabitants were in league with the enemy; there were traitors in the town; and you know a secret enemy within the gates is far more dangerous than an open enemy outside.” P. 20

You can purchase the book at Nordskog or on Amazon.

My Opinion:

I’m not usually sure what to expect when I begin reading a book that is written about history when it involves the history of the Reformation as it’s a fine line between belittling one side or the other but in the Brave Boys of Derry – the facts are given in a straight forward but eventful manner.  In 96 pages you’ll travel back to the town of Londonderry in the year 1689 while their town is besieged and see what young boys are capable of, including calling others to stand up for their faith.  All too often in our modern society we tend to coddle our boys and instead of letting them develop into men we try to keep them boys longer and longer and this does our society no good – but back in the day boys were meant to be men at younger ages and given responsibilities that today would be unheard of under the guise of making sure they have fun and are happy.

While having fun and being happy are good things, they aren’t everything, I enjoy exposing my son and my daughters to strong boys/men who protect the women, unfortunate and widows and stand for their Faith even in the midst of starvation, plague and even death.  Some of the language, even for me, is dated and while I did read it aloud to my children it was a bit daunting at times but we stuck with it because the story was good and it covered the time in history that we are currently studying in our history curricula.  If you’re wanting to put a book in your son’s or daughter’s hands that will inspire courage, liberty and doing the right thing in the eyes of God then the Brave Boys of Derry is the book to give them and it’s filled with beautiful illustrations throughout.  A book that will make history come alive and complement any study of history and it will look beautiful in it’s hard cover form, on your bookshelf.

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