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Blogging Through the Alphabet: G is for Gift #grow4christ #abcblogging

on November 19, 2013

I start listening to Christmas music in July.  I start looking forward to what presents I can make or buy for others in August.  I’m like a child when it comes to Christmas and Thanksgiving (I thoroughly enjoy and treasure these holidays – even though I start Christmas a bit earlier than some would like)

We’ve already made a good dent in some of the presents our children are getting.  I like to be ready and not be shopping in all that craziness and this year we’re aiming to give gifts that are more useful versus just ‘junk’.  My husband asked me what I wanted – and I told him I wanted a purse from Thirty One – he told me to order it and gave me the money.  Then I looked at the purses I already had and realized I didn’t need a new one.

I don’t know what I want this year.  Usually I can rattle off a list of thinks I think I **need** but when my dad asked for a list, I gave him one only for the children this year because I can’t think of I think I really, truly need.  I can think of things I want – a new denim skirt would be nice as my favorite one is about worn through BUT I know if I worked on getting back into exercising my other two denim skirts will fit just as well – so even I don’t **need** a new skirt.

I do admit to venting to my mom the other day about my current sewing machine isn’t working and I dream of having a good, top-of-the line sewing machine but not $1,500 one and she said well “maybe Santa will bring you one”.  Nevermind we don’t ‘do’ Santa anymore but I’m glad that she is thinking that might be a nice gift.  After all she’s waited 4 years to get a nightgown I promised her and I finally asked a friend if I could sew at her house on Friday.  Thank the Lord for great friends with a good sewing machine 😀

The only real thing I told my husband that I could possibly want would be for him to get my chain fixed on the Cross necklace my dad gave me years ago.  My dad gave me the necklace years ago and one of my children, can’t remember which one, broke it while grabbing it during a nursing session.  Hubby had it fixed and then it got caught in my hair and I unknowingly flipped my hair and the chain broke again.  It’s a very delicate, feminine chain.  So, now that I’m no longer nursing ( 😦 ), and my hair is a bit shorter than it was and I usually wear it swept up anyway – I’d like for my chain to be fixed so I can start wearing the Cross necklace from my dad and that brings me to the best Gift ever.

God sending His Son to us.  We weren’t worthy, we are sinners, but yet He loved us enough to give us a way to be connected to Him for eternity.  A small baby who was totally dependent on two humans who would grow up into a man and lay down His life so that we can live.  Honestly, who needs a better gift than that?  Eternal life.  As I look at the Thanksgiving season – I have much to be thankful for, the gift of life (mine, my hubby’s, my children, all life), a house, food, shelter and love – not just the love of my parents, my step-mom, my brothers, my in-laws, my hubby or my children but the Love that covers me in His redeeming Love.  I’m worthy.
Blogging Through the Alphabet

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