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Crew Review: 2013 Blue Ribbon Awards

on November 21, 2013


Each year at the end of a Crew Year, Crewbies have the chance to vote on their favorite product – and this year I actually remembered to do it!  I’ve linked up all 45 (yes, 45) reviews that I did during the 2013 Review Crew Year on my right side bar and if you’d like to see who won the Blue Ribbon Awards for this year visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog.


I have to say that, while some of my favorites didn’t make the majority of the products I voted for won!  Like Apologia, Notgrass and YWAM.  I have to say that seeing these great companies win an award is so exciting – a lot of these companies have put much time and effort, blood, sweat and tears into what they do and this is just a little pat on the back.  I’ve been happy to be a part of the TOS Crew this year and please stop by to check out who won an award.


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